Kings Island

Thrill Rides
Flight of Fear

Description                                                          The Flight of Fearä takes riders on a heart-pounding adventure throughout a one-acre enclosed structure in total darkness. The Flight of Fear is the world’s first linear induction motor (LIM) launch system roller coaster that catapults riders from 0 to 54 miles per hour in just four seconds sending guests through four inversions and is considered one of the most innovative theme-based attractions ever constructed. 
Manufacturer                                                      Premier Rides, Millersville, MD
Year Opened                                                        1996
Hourly Capacity                                                  2,000 passengers
Length of Track                                                  2,705 feet
Maximum Speed                                                54 mph
Total Number of Riders                    
Since Opened                                                      8,684,504
Length of Ride                                                     1:05 minutes
Turns                                                   30 vertical curves
Inversions                                                            Four
Launch system                                                   Revolutionary Linear Induction Motor (LIM) launch system that catapults riders with electrical energy and laser beams in place of a chain-lift hill.
Number of trains                                                Four trains, with six cars holding four passengers per train
Height Requirement                                           54”
Location                                                                Coney Mall


2007 Cedar Fair Entertainment Company