The Lovat Scouts [UK]
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The Lovat Scouts
United Kingdom 
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Note: This is a battalion history of the part-time reserves, which are normally liable for full-time active service only in an emergency. See the main regimental page(s) as linked below for more information.
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  Titles and Lineage Scottish County Index
Alphabetic Index of Titles
1900.01 Lovat's Scouts
two companies (1st Mounted, 2nd Foot) raised in northern Highlands and assembled at Beaufort Castle for South African war, attached to The Black Watch
1901.07 disbanded

113th Company (Lovat Scouts)

} Imperial Yeomanry
raised as independent companies in Scotland for Second Contingent
114th Company (Lovat Scouts)
1901.12 178th Company (Lovat Scouts) replaced 113th and 114th Coys in Third Contingent?
1902.08 disbanded in Scotland

1903.03.01 re-formed in yeomanry as two regiments in northern Highlands & the Isles (where no yeomanry or volunteer cavalry had previously existed):
  • 1st Lovat's Scouts Imperial Yeomanry
  • 2nd Lovat's Scouts Imperial Yeomanry
1908.04.01 transferred to T.F. with HQ at Beauly, and affiliated with Dragoons
  • 1st Lovat's Scouts
    • A Squadron at Roy Bridge
    • B Squadron at Lochmaddy
    • C Squadron at Skeabost (Skye)
    • D Squadron at Beauly
  • 2nd Lovat's Scouts
    • E Squadron at Kyle of Lochalsh
    • F Squadron at Dornoch
    • G Squadron at Alness
    • H Squadron at Inverness
1920.02.07 reconstituted in T.A. with HQ at Inverness as yeomanry
1920.07.01 transferred to Scouts, with one pony for every fourth man, and the remainder as cyclists
1922.08 The Lovat Scouts
reduced to one regiment with HQ at Inverness
  • A Squadron in Inverness-shire
  • B Squadron in The Islands
  • C Squadron in Sutherland, Ross-shire and Caithness
1947.04.01 C (Lovat Scouts) Squadron, Scottish Horse
reconstituted in T.A. at Inverness and transferred to Royal Armoured Corps
1949.01.01 677th Mountain Regiment, RA (Lovat Scouts)
converted to artillery
  • battery at Uist, mounted on pack ponies
  • battery in Inverness-shire, Ross-shire and Sutherland, mounted in jeeps
1950.05.22 540th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RA (Lovat Scouts)
HQ at Inverness; formed by amalgamation with 540 LAA Regiment, less one bty of 677 Regt reorganised as independent 850 Mountain Battery (still badged Lovat Scouts) in Inverness-shire, Ross-shire and Western Isles (disbanded 5 Apr. 1954, and personnel re-absorbed into regt)
  • Battery at Inverness
  • Battery at Stornoway
  • Battery at Elgin
1950.09.30 532nd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RA (Lovat Scouts)
HQ at Inverness; formed by amalgamation with 532 LAA Regiment)
  • Battery at Inverness
  • Battery at Elgin
  • Battery at Falkirk (Stirlingshire), reduction of 532 Regt
1954.11.04 540th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RA (Lovat Scouts)
HQ at Inverness, and traditional regimental area of northern Highlands restored
1956.10.31 absorbed 412 Coast Regiment:
  • P (Inverness) Battery at Inverness, Newtonmore, Kingussie, Wick and Thurso
  • Q (Ross) Battery at Stornoway, Tain and Alness, reduction of 412 Regt
  • R (Moray) Battery at Elgin, Forres, and Nairn
1961.05.01 540th Regiment, RA (Lovat Scouts)
HQ at Inverness; B Troop at Tain, Alness and Gavelock converted and transferred to 11th Bn Seaforth Highlanders; A Troop at Benbecula and B Troop at Newtonmore, Kingussie and Fort William converted and transferred to 4th/5th Bn Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
1964.03.18 540th Light Air Defence Regiment, RA (Lovat Scouts)
1967.04.01 disbanded and concurrently reconstituted as two units in TAVR III:
1969.01.01 No. 1 (Lovat Scouts) Company, 51st Highland Volunteers
formed at Kirkwall with Pln at Lerwick upon reduction of TAVR III battalions to cadre (Inverness element discontinued, and Lovat Scouts henceforth shifted regimental area from northern Highlands to Orkney and Shetland)
1971.04.01 A (The Lovat Scouts) Company, 2nd Battalion, 51st Highland Volunteers
at Kirkwall with Pln at Lerwick
1981.01.01 reorganised as two separate platoons:

Lovat Scouts Platoon, A (Queen's Own Highlanders and Lovat Scouts) Company
at Kirkwall

} 2nd Battalion,
51st Highland Volunteers
Lovat Scouts Platoon, D (Gordon Highlanders and Lovat Scouts) Company
at Lerwick
1995.02.10 reorganised as three separate platoons:

Lovat Scouts Platoon, HQ Company
at Kirkwall

} 3rd (V) Battalion, The Highlanders (Seaforth Gordons and Camerons)
Lovat Scouts Platoon, D Company
at Lerwick
  Lovats Scouts Troop, C (Fife and Forfar/Scottish Horse) Squadron, The Scottish Yeomanry at Cupar?
1999.07.01 Lovat Scouts Platoon, C (Highlanders) Company, 51st Highland Regiment
reduced to one platoon at Kirkwall and Lerwick
2006? reorganised as two units:
 Associated Regular Regiments:
    Dragoons 1908-1920?
  History (Links) & War Service Introduction to Volunteers
pip Lovat Scouts, by Scottish Military Historical Society.

Lovat Scouts, by Diana M. Henderson (Scots at War) [Internet Archive]


Lovat Scouts Yeomanry, by Philip Clifford. 


Lovat Scouts, by George Monaghan.

pip 1st Lovat Scouts, by Chris Baker (The British Army in the Great War).
pip 2nd Lovat Scouts, by Chris Baker (The British Army in the Great War).
pip Lovat Scouts, by Brad Chappell (The Regimental Warpath 1914-1918)
pip The Lovat Scouts: World War II, by Eric Walker
Deployment and War Service of Units:
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Biography and Gallantry Awards:
pip The Men of the Imperial Yeomanry, Lovats Scouts and Scottish Horse in the Boer War of 1899 to 1902, by Kevin Asplin
pip Lord Lovat's Scouts (No 2 Company) 1901 [roster]
  Gordon Llewellyn Griffiths (1888 - 1943), by Philip Clifford. 
Associations, Forums and Re-Enactors:
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Museums, Monuments, Memorials and Chapels:
monument Regimental Museum of the Queen's Own Highlanders, Fort George (Army Museums Ogilby Trust)
monument Regimental Museum of the Queen's Own Highlanders, Fort George (Scottish Military Historical Society listing)
  Battle Honours Index of Battle Honours
Index of Wars

South Africa 1900-02

The Great War:  France and Flanders 1916-18, Macedonia 1916-18, Gallipoli 1915, Egypt 1915-16

The Second World War:  [none]

  Colours, Standards and Guidons Introduction to Colours
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Record of Colours:
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  Uniforms and Badges
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Upon conversion to artillery in 1949, continued to wear Fraser Clan cap badge with RA collar badges.
Arm title (supplementary, below RA arm title): LOVAT SCOUTS (white on blue), 1954-1967
Uniform: 1903-1908: khaki; facings: blue; headdress: slouch hat with blue plume.
1908-1920?: blue; facings: blue; headdress: dragoon helmet with blue? plume. (Uniform never issued and only khaki actually available for ceremonial use.)
1920?-1949: blue; facings: blue; headdress: balmoral.
RA uniform; headdress: balmoral.
blue cavalry tunic with shoulder chains; facings: blue; headdress: balmoral.
tartan: Hunting Fraser (pipers' kilts, 1903-present, officer's trews, 1950-present, all personnel trews, 1972-present)
  Honorary Colonels Index of Royal Colonels
1903.06.10 Col. Simon Joseph (Fraser) Lovat, 14th Baron Lovat, KT, KCMG, KCVO, CB, DSO
  Honorary Colonel:
1913.06.04 Col. Simon Joseph (Fraser) Lovat, 14th Baron Lovat, KT, KCMG, KCVO, CB, DSO
1922.01.13 Col. Simon Joseph (Fraser) Lovat, 14th Baron Lovat, KT, KCMG, KCVO, CB, DSO
1933.08.09 Col. A.W. Macdonald, DSO, TD
1938.08.09 Col. D.G. Baillie, CMG, DSO, TD
  Honorary Colonel:
1945.08.09 Col. I.M. Campbell, DSO, TD
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  Capt (Hon. Maj.) The Rt. Hon. Hugh C. P. J. Fraser, PC, MBE, MP
Motto: Je suis prest
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Marches: The Lovat Scouts, by James Scott Skinner
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  Bibliography How To Find Books
Full Histories:
book Melville, Michael Leslie. The story of the Lovat Scouts 1900-1980. Edinburgh : St. Andrew Press, 1981. ISBN: 0715204742; 0715204740 (corrected)
book Taylor, William C. Highland soldiers : the story of a mountain regiment. Canmore, Alta. : Coyote Books, 1994. ISBN: 0969893906
Short Histories:
book 532 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, R.A. (Lovat Scouts), Territorial Army : short history. Inverness : [s.n.], 1950.
Special Topics:
book Smith, R. J. (Robert Jeffery) ; Barlow, L. ; Marrion, R. J. (Robert John). Lovat Scouts ; Scottish Horse. Tunbridge Wells : Robert Ogilby Trust, 1985. (The Uniforms of the British Yeomanry Force 1794-1914 ; 8). ISBN: 0946771871 (pbk)