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Peace College
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At Peace, we know that learning extends beyond the classroom. That's why all of our B.A. students complete an internship in their field of study. When you graduate from Peace, you will have real-world experience to put on your résumé. Conduct research for a health-care agency, promote a pro sports team, test new software at a tech firm or learn counseling skills at a non-profit. Do what you want; it's your internship!

Internship Locations Have Included:

Exploris Global Learning Center, WNCN-17 (NBC), Durham Bulls, Wake County Schools, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center, Glaxo Wellcome, Ticketmaster, First Union Securities, BB&T, American Express, N.C. Office of State Archaelogy, Smart Start, and Triangle United Way, just to name a few.

Upper Division Internships

Upper division academic internships are open to second semester juniors and all seniors and are offered through each of the major programs. These internships offer one to six hours of academic credit for planned and supervised work experience. The intern is expected to have completed, or to be completing, at least three courses directly related to her internship and to be currently enrolled in others. She will apply the skills, knowledge, and theories developed in the classroom to her professional work responsibilities. Student performance is graded solely on a pass/fail basis. For information concerning upper-division academic internships, the student should contact the B.A. Program Coordinator in her major.