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Attention Contributors

FYI: Contributors are advised to periodically check this list of available Film International review items. Contact Review Editor Liza Palmer for more details.

Film International #26

Out now - FI #26! A special issue devoted to Comic Book Films, guest edited by James Chapman. Marek Wasielewski writes about the industrial design in the animated Superman shorts of the 40's. Mark Bould discusses Flash Gordon, and interviews Mike Hodges about the film. Mark Murphy looks at superheroes for perverts, and Joshua Cozine examines the inferential sexism in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Plus: Reviews! Festival reports! And more!

(Full list of contents after the jump.)

Compass: Film International - Final Call for Proposals

This is a final call for proposals for the second annual Compass festival, due to take place in Bristol, UK this autumn. The festival will comprise of a fortnight of city-wide activity (October 26–November 9 2007), with a core weekend hosted at the Arnolfini (2-4 November). Focusing on the theme of ‘resistance’, The Compass of Resistance International Film Festival aims to present a diverse range of international cinema that in various ways reacts against the status quo; whether that be political, sexual, racial, avant-garde or opposition to film conventions themselves.

Frank Capra Award 2007

Film International is pleased to announce the official rules for its second annual Frank Capra Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Film Criticism.

Book Fair in Malmö

Last weekend, the FI team visited a small book and magazine fair in Malmö, Sweden. We sold copies of the journal, spread the good word, and made some new friends. A big thankyou to everybody who came out, and congratulations to Joacim Blomqvist, who won our lottery and a full year subscription to Film International!

Ingmar Bergman Prize to Angela Kovács

From the Ingmar Bergman Foundation: During the annual Swedish Film Award Gala the Ingmar Bergman Prize went to Angela Kovács, "an actress equipped with rare talent, integrity, enthusiasm and distinctive presence. She is awarded the prize due to her great ability to give life to police commanders as well as Lars Norén characters or Henrik Ibsen figures, and not least for her unmistakable joy of acting."

(Read more after the jump.)

Film International #25

In our first issue of 2007, we offer a wide range of essays. Carl Freedman goes head to head with the popular image of John Wayne, Adrian Martin takes a good look at Dennis Hopper as a leading man, Jasper Sharp digs deeper into the forgotten roots of Japanimation (see also FI#21), Michael Fitzhenry and Xualian Zhang discuss the new independent cinema between Hollywood and China, and we present the first winning essay of the annual Frank Capra Award for undergraduate film criticism. (Stay tuned for the honorable mentions to make appearances on this very website.) Plus: Film reviews! Festival reports! And more!

(Full list of contents after the jump.)

FI Style Guides

Attention contributors: these are the latest Film International style guides. Please read them carefully. The first one is FI specific, the second one contains general guidelines as oulined by Intellect, our worldwide publisher and distributor.

(Read more, and download the style guides, after the jump.)

Film International at Barnes & Noble

Attention American readers! As a serious first attempt to bring Film International to US stores, our upcoming issue (FI #25) will be distributed (in limited numbers) to various Barnes & Noble bookshops across the country. If you are able, please support FI and pick up an issue. Good sales of this issue will help us further establish our presence in America. FI #24 was similarly distributed in Canada, with great success.
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