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Film International is owned and managed by a non-profit cultural organization of the same name, based in Malmö, Sweden. All of our modest means go straight into production of the journal and the website. While we constantly aim to improve the professional aspect of the journal, as of right now, nobody on the editorial staff makes any money from their commitment to FI, and we need all the support we can get to make our job with the journal and the website easier and better.

How you can support Film International:

Subscribe: the best way to support FI is to subscribe to the journal. There are a number of ways to do this, depending on where you are in the world. For more information, check our Subscribe page. If you're a student, we offer special student rates. If you're a librarian or if you work at an academic institution, we offer subscription packages which include full electronic access to the journal.

Buy a Copy: even if you're not up for a subscription, please consider picking up a copy of the journal the next time you run across it at a bookstore or wherever you happen to find it. Back issues can be bought from Intellect.

Ads: we will gladly accept your online and printed ads. For more information about printed ads, media kits, etc, contact Luke Roberts, Luke [at] For online ads, contact Online Editor Martin Degrell, martin.degrell [at]

Amazon Referrals: we are now an Amazon associate, which means that everytime you click on an Amazon link in one of our online articles, and then proceed to make a purchase on Amazon, we receive a small referral sum. Look for the Amazon links, usually at the top of any given article or review. If you're reading a book review, for instance, you can go straight to that book's page on Amazon for an easy purchase. We provide separate links for Amazon US and UK, respectively.

PayPal: to make a PayPal donation to Film International, please click the PayPal icon at the top right of this screen, or use the following email address: donate [at] The money donated will go to office supplies, stamps, and other everyday expenses. No sum is too small.