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Where & When:   
  • The Convention is held at a hotel in the Columbus area. It is generally held the weekend closest to March 10th and officially begins on Friday evening approximately at 5:00 PM and ends in the early afternoon on Sunday approximately at 2:30 PM. The Convention schedule is quite full and efforts have been made to provide activities for all grade levels between 6th and 12th grades and all levels of Latin, as well as for Sponsors and Chaperones.
    (See a sample schedule from a previous Convention).

Seminars & Workshops:
  • At Convention there are generally three to five Seminars & Workshops, which are generally held on Friday evening and Saturday. The topics are presented by guest lecturers, Sponsors, and Executive Board Officers. Some of the more recent topics included: Classical Art & Mythology, Leadership & Service, Aspiring Latin Teachers & Classics Scholarships, Spirit and Latin Promotion, Planning a Trip Abroad, and many more.

General Assemblies:
  • There are three General Assemblies which all Convention Attendees are required to attend. The Assemblies are where Clubs and the Executive Board are introduced, contests winners are recognized, Convention and contest orientation is given, announcements are made, and where OJCL conducts the election of new State Officers and voting on revisions to the Organization's Constitution and By-Laws. The General Assemblies are led by the State Officers and the State Chairs.

  • We rely upon each Club to bring an appropriate level of adult Delegates including the Sponsors and Chaperones to supervise their students. In addition members of SCL (college students belonging to Senior Classical League - and some beyond) attend Convention to assist in various contests and judging. All adult Convention attendees serve to chaperone the student Delegates at Convention. A ratio of 1 adult to 10 or 12 students is typical.

Cost and Meals:
  • The cost of Convention per person (based on four people staying in one room) is approximately $110. (Students are encouraged to bring sleeping bags if they feel uncomfortable sharing beds with a fellow student). This includes two nights in the hotel, two box lunches and the Roman Banquet and the costs associated with printing of tests; awards and trophies; social activities; etc. The Delegates are responsible for their breakfast. The hotel does provide a "student appropriate" breakfast buffet in addition to their standard menu.

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