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Each year, OJCL holds its annual State Convention for the Member Clubs and Students to come together to socialize, and compete in graphic, performance arts and academic contests related to the Classics and the Convention Theme. Awards and recognition are given for Club and Student achievement in various activities.

The attendance at the Convention typical ranges between 925 to 1000+ Students, Sponsors, SCLers and Guests. Typically 38-45 Clubs are represented. All Clubs in good standing are encouraged to attend, participate and enjoy the weekend!

If you are a school that's never participated in OJCL, or a Member who has not attended Convention before, we would love to invite you to join us at a weekend full of fun, competition, academic exercise, and mingling with other Classics students and Educators. Beware though, your students may return highly motivated and energetic about Latin and next year's Convention!

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