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Located in the heart of Istanbul, the Ali Sami Yen Stadium is home for the Galatasaray Football Team. Its official opening was made in the match between Turkey and Bulgaria in December 14, 1964.

The Ali Sami Yen Stadium, bearing the name of Galatasaray's founder, has gained legendary status worldwide due to the incredible atmosphere in the European Cup matches. Better known as "Hell" among fans and football enthusiasts, the 22115 seating capacity stadium has played host to numerous unforgettable clashes between Galatasaray and its European rivals.
Its floodlights have 1400 projectors each of which has 290 KVA. The pitch is 105 meters in lenght and 65 meters in width.

Contact Information:
Ali Sami Yen Stadium
Mecidiyekoy- Istanbul
Phone: 0 212 216 15 00
Fax: 0 212 216 15 02

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