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John Cena's WWE History

There have been a record number of stars UPW has produced who have gone onto success in the WWE, actually near 30, and we’re still going!  However none have shined as bright as current WWE Champion and the new face of World Wrestling Entertainment: John Cena.  Cena started out as The Prototype in UPW creating a half man, half machine character who dominated everyone on his way to capturing the UPW Heavyweight Title.  From there, Cena was signed to a WWE contract, and went on to even more success in Ohio Valley Wrestling, alongside such future stars as Brock Lesnar, Batista, Shelton Benjamin, Rico and many more!  It was here, they saw what Rick Bassman and UPW trainers saw, this guy is going to be a star.  Below is a career history of UPW’s most popular alumni, the leader of the Chain Gang: John Cena.


  • John Cena made his debut on Smackdown, June 27, 2002 in Chicago, IL.  Kurt Angle opened the show, after he was fired up by Mr. McMahon to show some ruthless aggression.  Angle challenged anyone from the locker room to a match right then.  Out came the future of the company, John Cena.  Cena was certainly not intimidated by Angle as the first thing he did was slap Angle!  This take no nonsense attitude would help Cena years from now when Angle was gunning for his WWE Title on RAW.  Cena put up a great fight but came out on the short end to the Olympic Gold Medalist this night.  Backstage, Smackdown superstars would congratulate Cena, and he even gained the respect of The Undertaker, who shook his hand.  What a way to start your WWE career out!

  • The following week, as Cena was backstage, Stacy Keibler told him that Mr. McMahon wanted to see him.  As he went into McMahon’s office, Chris Jericho was already there.  This ended similar to the prior week, as Cena slapped Jericho leading to their match.  Jericho bested Cena yet again, however, Cena continued to impress fellow WWE stars and fans alike.

  • The learning process continued the next week as John Cena was to team with the legendary Undertaker in the Smackdown Main Event!  Cena was talking with The Undertaker, who was waiting for The Rock backstage.  While Cena was gone however, The Undertaker was attacked by Angle and Jericho, leading him to yell at Cena afterwards about being there.  Lesson learned!  Later that night, John Cena gained his first career victory in WWE as he and The Undertaker defeated Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho.  The match did not go off without a hitch however, as The Rock made an appearance and attacked Angle and Taker.  3 weeks in, and Cena was already gracing the ring with the most respected WWE star ever, one of the greatest all time performers and Olympic Gold Medalist, the first ever undisputed champion, and the most electrifying man in sports and entertainment!

  • John gained his first singles victory the following week, as he scored a win over his opponent 3 days later, Chris Jericho by disqualification.  This set the stage for his first pay per view match ever!

  • At Vengeance 2002, John Cena pinned Chris Jericho in a major upset at the time in just over 6 minutes!

  • After his first victory on pay per view, Cena started a new era on Smackdown, the Stephanie McMahon era.  While backstage, Cena cut a promo on Test, and was slapped extremely hard for his actions, leading to a match later that night, where Cena continued his roll defeating Test.  Later that night, during a Cage match between Edge and Jericho, Cena again made his presence felt as he got involved, as did Test, Christian, Mysterio, and Lance Storm in a huge fight that would lead to Eric Bischoff leaving to Raw with Jericho, Test, and Tag Team Champions Christian and Lance Storm in one fell swoop!

  • John continued his winning ways the following week, as he beat former OVW alumni Rico after they exchanged words backstage.  Despite Billy and Chuck helping Rico, Cena scored the win.

  • Cena got his first taste of two matches in one night the next week, as he defeated Kurt Angle by DQ in the opening match after Chris Benoit, Edge, Rey Mysterio, and Eddie Guerrero.  This set the stage for a 6 man, as Cena began to make acquaintances with Mysterio and Edge.  Later that night, Cena got another win as Mysterio pinned Angle in a great 6 man tag match.

  • Cena made his next Smackdown appearance 2 weeks later, as fans got a glimpse into the future of the WWE.  Cena teaming with Rikishi defeated D Von Dudley and future World Champion Batista.  On this night, Cena bested Batista, in the first of what may be a huge feud down the line!

  • The first Smackdown after Summerslam, saw John Cena defeated for the first time since his first 2 weeks in, as he was defeated by one of the greatest tag team performers of all time, D Von Dudley.  This match ended with Batista attacking D Von showing the mean streak that would propel him to the World title years later!

  • 2 weeks later, Cena suffered his second loss, as he teamed with Edge, but lost to Eddie and Chavo, Los Guerreros.  This night, September 12, 2002 would best be remembered for the wedding of Billy & Chuck.

  • Things didn’t get any better for Cena, as the next week, he ran into current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in his first World Title match.  As with most wrestlers, his first title match was not a success.

  • John Cena was not seen on Smackdown for a few weeks after his match with Lesnar.  He returned for the Tag Title Tournament put firth by Stephanie McMahon.  Cena, teaming with Billy Kidman, lost to the eventual tournament winners, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit.  Of course there is no shame losing to that team!

  • It was then we saw a different side of John Cena.  Following the loss in the tournament, Cena began to change, blaming Kidman for their loss.  Cena ended his losing steak with a win over Kidman.  This was the first time however, Cena was booed by the fans.  His attitude change definitely did not make him any more popular.

  • Kidman bested Cena in the rematch the following week, evening their series at one a piece.

  • Halloween 2002, the night that changed the course of wrestling history.  At the Smackdown Halloween party, John Cena came dressed as Vanilla Ice, and performed his first rap, which was received very well.  This was the night that Cena showed his true colors, and changed the course of his career, not only in wrestling, but also propelled him to releasing his first hip hop CD years later.

  • The next time we saw Cena, he had a battle rap with Rikishi backstage, prior to their match where he was defeated by the Big Kish.

  • The feud continued as the following week Cena got a dose of Mattitude, as he teamed with Matt Hardy to defeat Rikishi and his partner Tajiri.  Cena and Hardy hugged after the match.  We would see this years later as the two teamed up on Raw with Shawn Michaels and Big Show.

  • The following week saw Cena find a new friend in Bull Buchanan, or B Squared as he came to be known as.  This was not before Cena watched backstage as Brock Lesnar threw his partner last week Matt Hardy through a wall.  Cena wrestled Rikishi again, but as they were about to wrestle, Dawn Marie and Al Wilson began making out.  Once the match got started, B Squared attacked Rikishi giving Cena the loss via DQ.

  • Cena returned to teaming with Hardy the next week, and B Squared at ringside, as he and Hardy defeated former Tag Team Champions Edge and Rey Mysterio in what was then considered a upset.

  • Finally Cena got to display his rap skills in a hip hop challenge with Rikishi the next week.  Tazz was the host as B Squared watched on.  Tazz ruled Rikishi the winner, and a brawl ensued.  Tazz got hit inadvertently, causing Tazz to lock the Tazzmission on John Cena.  Cena learned not to mess with Tazz alone this week!

  • The Smackdown prior to Armageddon saw B Squared defeat Rikishi as Cena might have aided in the win.

  • At Armageddon 2002, John Cena made an appearance and rapped about what he came to do in WWE, and Smackdown.  IT wasn’t much, but people took note.

  • After Armageddon, Cena backed up what he had to say as he defeated Chuck Palumbo.  After the match Rikishi fought with Cena and B Squared.

  • His first year rounded out as Cena accompanied B Squared to the ring as he was defeated by Rikishi.

Thus Far in 2002:
John Cena has 12 wins, 9 losses.  Cena is 1-0 on Pay Per View.


  • John got the new year off to a great start.  Cena defeated Rikishi in the next installment of their series.  Cena and B Squared later came out and cut a rap on Los Guerreros.  Rikishi followed them out and fought them again.

  • The year continued being successful as Cena defeated Chavo Guerrero, while he watched as B Squared lost to Eddie Guerrero. 

  • The next week saw Cena and B Squared and their relationship come to an end.  Cena teaming with B Squared lost to the Tag Team Champions Los Guerreros.  Cena blamed B Squared for the loss, and Cena’s new protégé Notorious DOG, who later came to be known as Rodney Mack attacked B Squared.  Later that night, Cena and DOG cut a rap on the former friend.

  • January 19, 2003 marked the first Royal Rumble for John Cena, although it may be one he would like to forget. Cena came in 18th and was eliminated rather quickly by the man who once shook his hand, The Undertaker.

  • In the battle of protégés, DOG defeated B Squared the next week, as Cena watched.

  • Cena again ran into difficulties the next week as he was defeated by future World Champion Eddie Guerrero.

  • In the what were they thinking category, Cena challenged an irate Brock Lesnar the next week to which he accepted.  This saw Cena cut a rap on Lesnar the next week prior to their match, further upsetting Lesnar who was having his issues with Kurt Angle.  Brock defeated Cena, and injured him as he delivered a sight to see.  Lesnar F-5’d Cena on the ringpost onto his knee.  Cena was in serious pain this night, and would not wrestle on Smackdown again for over one month.

  • In the ensuing weeks, fans would see John Cena cut rap promos on Brock Lesnar for injuring him and causing him to miss his first WrestleMania.  Fans were starting to see the entertainment of Cena here, and he began getting small cheers throughout arenas.

  • Cena finally returned on the Smackdown prior to WrestleMania XIX.  Cena defeated Rikishi, but not before he again cut a witty rap on Lesnar.  After the match, Cena ran backstage and attacked Brock Lesnar!  Talk about gutsy.  They fought until Kurt Angle came by and hit Lesnar with a 2x4.  Could it have been a plan?

  • WrestleMania XIX saw John Cena come out a battle rap to cardboard stand-ups of Jay Z and Fabolous.  Neither man accepted his battle rap challenge.  Cena cut an edgy rap, and proclaimed that he would main event WrestleMania XX.  How close he would come.

  • The next month saw Stephanie McMahon hold a tournament for a title shot at Brock Lesnar, the new WWE Champion.  Week one saw John Cena defeat Eddie Guerrero, advancing in the tournament, and gaining his win back from Guerrero.

  • In what was a huge upset, John Cena defeated the legend, The Undertaker in week 2 of the tournament.  Of course, it didn’t hurt to have the FBI attack Taker during the match.  Cena advanced to the finals.

  • The week of the finals saw Brock Lesnar call out John Cena ad Chris Benoit, who Cena would face for the title shot.  Cena attacked Benoit during this interview setting the tone for their match.  In the best match of Cena’s career up to this point, John Cena defeated “The Crippler” Chris Benoit in another upset earning the right to challenge Brock Lesnar at Backlash in his first pay per view main event!

  • To get ready for Backlash, Cena defeated Rhyno, who made it to the semifinals of the tournament.  Later that night, Cena attacked and bloodied Lesnar after his match with A Train.  Not many people have done something like that to the Next Big Thing.

  • At Backlash 2003, John Cena challenged Brock Lesnar in the Main Event for the WWE Title.  Cena came out on the short end of things in this, his first big pay per view match, in his meteoric rise thus far.  It just wasn’t his time, but it would come.  Actually, his time is now!

  • After Backlash, Cena had a battle rap with Spanky who came out with Brian Hebner, the referee who kicked the beat.  Cena attacked Spanky for his troubles.

  • John Cena was defeated by Rhyno the next week, revenge for his win earlier.  Earlier in the show Cena stopped to look at Mr. America.  Maybe they would team, up down the line, somewhere.

  • Cena had his rematch with Benoit the following week, prior to Judgment Day.  Cena lost via DQ after Spanky, the FBI and Rhyno interfered.

  • At Judgment Day 2003, John Cena teamed up with the FBI to defeat Chris Benoit, Rhyno and Spanky. 

  • John Cena defeated Spanky on the next Smackdown.

  • 2 weeks later, Cena would again defeat Chris Benoit, this time after Rhyno accidentally gored Benoit.  A win is a win to Cena.

  • The win streak continued the next week as Cena defeats Smackdown’s number one announcer, Funaki.

  • 2 weeks later, John Cena came out to celebrate it being 1 year since he made his debut, as he answered Kurt Angle’s challenge.  Cena did the same, issuing an open challenge and it was answered by future US Champion Orlando Jordan.  Cena defeated Jordan after a few scares, but continued his roll.  After the match, Undertaker came out, and Cena avoided him.

  • Cena was entered in the US Title Tournament the next week, and lost to Mr. Ass Billy Gunn after The Undertaker distracted him.  It seemed Cena has caught the attention of the Deadman.

  • The next week saw one of the funniest moments on Smackdown as Kurt Angle was trash talking Big Show and Brock Lesnar.  John Cena came out and Cena and Angle had an impromptu battle rap.  Brian Hebner beat boxed again.  This one ended when Big Show attacked Angle and Cena.

  • Cena again interrupted someone else the next week, this time however, it was Mr. McMahon.   Cena cut a rap on Mr. McMahon, at least until The Undertaker came out and attacked Cena.

  • The interruptions continued, again as Cena interrupted a McMahon, however the next week it was Stephanie McMahon.  Cena insinuated that Stephanie wanted him, and even smacked the Billion Dollar Princess on the butt!  She responded by slapping Cena.  Later that night, Cena cut a tremendous rap on The Undertaker from a graveyard, saying what will happen at Vengeance.

  • Vengeance 2003 proved too much for the Doctor of Thuganomics, as he was defeated in just over 16 minutes by The Undertaker in a great match.  Cena proved to be close to the top in this one, showing the flashes of brilliance that would make him a star in the coming months.

  • After Vengeance, Cena regained his winning ways, again defeating Orlando Jordan.

  • The following week saw history made as John Cena became one of very few to defeat The Undertaker.  Cena got his win back, and proved himself in a big way.

  • Another week, another victory.  John Cena defeated the one legged wonder, Zach Gowen the week after beating the Deadman.

  • The Undertaker and Orlando Jordan got some revenge on the next Smackdown as they defeated Cena and his new partner, A Train.

  • The next week saw John take on the hero of the town, the US Champion Eddie Guerrero in his home of El Paso, Texas.  Cena challenged Guerrero for the US Title in an entertaining back and forth interview.  Guerrero got the win after Cena was DQ’d for dropping Guerrero on one of his lowrider’s tires that Cena stole.

  •  The following week set up the Street Fight in 2 weeks, as John Cena stole Eddie Guerrero’s pride and joy, his lowrider.

  • In the famous Parking Lot Brawl, Guerrero and Cena went at it in front of the Smackdown stars surrounded by cars.  Chavo Guerrero returned and hit Cena with a hubcap giving his Uncle Eddie the win.

  • 2 weeks later, John Cena chose Kurt Angle as his next victim.  Cena attacked Angle while he was arguing with Lesnar and Mr. McMahon over losing the WWE Title.  Once Angle went after the doctor, he left in a car.

  • Cena got his hands on Angle next as he teamed with the new WWE Champion Brock Lesnar defeating Kurt Angle and The Undertaker.  Lesnar was seen slamming Taker though a table.

  • John Cena and Kurt Angle had their second battle rap.  This one, as you would expect, ended in a brawl.

  • Kurt Angle came out the next week, dressed as the doctor himself.  This was really entertaining.  Angle brought out a mini Angle.  John Cena had seen enough, as he ran out and another fight ensued.

  • At No Mercy, 2003, John Cena faced another great superstar, but again came up short against Kurt Angle in what was a great match, probably the best of Cena’s career thus far.  It is nothing to be ashamed of to have PPV losses to Angle and Undertaker.  This match was notable as Cena received a very favorable crowd reaction, as opposed to the chorus of boos he was used to hearing.

  • After No Mercy, Cena again teamed with A Train and fought to a no contest with Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. 

  • Here is where the career of the doctor turned around.  There was a rematch from the week prior, this time however, Angle and Benoit defeated A Train and Cena.  After the match, Cena attacked A Train.  Impressed by John and his mean side, Brock offered Cena the fifth spot on his team at Survivor Series.

  • November 6, 2003, a day that will always be remembered.  John Cena defeated Rey Mysterio, but not before Team Lesnar came out to get their answer, which was no.  Team Lesnar then attacked Cena and pummeled him.  Later that night, Team Lesnar attacked Team Angle in the main event.  Down one person, Team Angle was struggling to fight, until John Cena ran out to an enormous ovation and joined the fray.  This solidified John Cena as a fan favorite for life.

  • 3 days before Survivor Series saw John Cena team with Chris Benoit and defeat WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and Big Show.  Cena was now making main event waves.

  • Survivor Series 2003 saw Team Angle with John Cena, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Bradshaw and Hardcore Holly defeat Team Lesnar, comprised of Lesnar, Big Show, fellow UPW alumni Nathan Jones, Matt Morgan and A Train.  Cena got the winning pinfall over the Big Show to wins the match for his team.

  • After his big win at the Series, Cena cut a rap on Mr. McMahon to start the next Smackdown, with his new fan friendly attitude.  Later that night, Cena defeats US Champion Big Show in a non title match.

  • Smackdown on Thanksgiving is always entertaining, especially when Cena is at the top of his game.  This year, Brock Lesnar announced a battle royal for a title shot, in which Cena and Benoit would have to win separate matches to even be entered in the battle royal.  Prior to his match, Cena found it necessary to flirt with the divas of Smackdown with a witty rap, which received a huge ovation.  Cena then went to the ring and defeated A Train to gain entrance to the battle royal.  Cena and Benoit both entered and were the last 2 men remaining. As they fought, they threw each other over and both landed at the same time.  Both men were ruled winners, and Lesnar took advantage and attacked both men after a grueling night.

  • The next week saw Cena and Benoit, wrestle each other for the title shot later in the night.  John Cena had Benoit defeated, but his foot was under the ropes, and the match was restarted.  Chris Benoit got the win, and went on to wrestle the champ later in the show.  Cena had a great showing and was not done with his journey to the title.

  • The Big Show came dressed as Cena the next Smackdown and cut a rap on Cena, which was received with an even better rap, by Cena setting the stage for an eventual showdown.  The next week, Cena watched as Big Show defeated Orlando Jordan as he commentated. 

  • John Cena main evented the first Christmas in Iraq show, as he defeated the US Champion Big Show in another non title match.  Cena also received the honor or being stunned by the one and only Stone Cold Steve Austin.  What a way to end the year!

John Cena had 23 wins, 14 losses with 1 No Contest.
Cena was 2-4 on Pay Per View.
For his career: Cena has 35 wins, 25 losses, 1 ND and is 3-4 on PPV.


  • To start off the new year, John Cena, after upsetting Smackdown General Manager Paul Heyman, teamed with Chris Benoit to win a handicap match against the FBI.

  • On the road to the Rumble, John Cena then defeated A Train to remain undefeated in 2003.

  • At odds with the GM, Cena was put in a match with the man beast, Rhyno and the loser would have their mouth washed out with soap.  Oops.  Cena defeated Rhyno, and with Chris Benoit’s help, Paul Heyman had his mouth cleaned thoroughly.

  • Paul Heyman, not to be outdone, made a 4 on 2 match for Cena and Benoit the next week, prior to Royal Rumble.  With some help from Hardcore Holly, and the Big Show, one of the 4 opponents being locked in his locker room by a forklift, Cena and Benoit defeated Matt Morgan, Rhyno and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.  Afterwards, Big Show slammed both Benoit and Cena as hard as he could for the inconvenience.

  • Royal Rumble 2004 would be another disappointment for the creator of Word Life.  Cena ran into RVD backstage for a memorable interchange.  Then, Cena drew the lucky number 28, but was ousted by the Big Show who dominated the Rumble match.  Cena again eliminated nobody, and his friend Chris Benoit went onto win, and win the World Title at WrestleMania XX.

  • After Benoit departed from Smackdown, there was a 15 man Royal Rumble for Smackdown Stars, in which Cena competed. Cena entered 10th and eliminated Nunzio, before The Big Show eliminated Cena.  Upset, Cena with the rest of the ring, eliminated Big Show, furthering their issues.

  • For his actions, GM Paul Heyman suspended Cena for the next Smackdown, but not before Cena would get involved in the 3 way match at No Way Out for the title shot at WrestleMania on the line.

  • The Smackdown before No Way Out saw John Cena and Eddie Guerrero defeat WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and US Champion Big Show after Kurt Angle ran in and attacked both Cena and Show.

  • At No Way Out 2003, John Cena lost in a Triple Threat match vs. Big Show and Kurt Angle.  Angle went on to win the match, setting the stage for Cena-Big Show at the biggest show of the year!

  • The following Smackdown saw Heyman make Cena and Angle tag up, and they defeated the Basham Bros.  Later that night, Cena would challenge The Big Show for WrestleMania.

  • With only a few shows before WrestleMania, Cena stayed in top form teaming with Rey Mysterio defeating The Big Show and Chavo Guerrero.  The next week, Cena defeated A Train.

  • The last Smackdown before WrestleMania saw Cena continue his amazing streak, and he defeated Rhyno setting up the showdown.

  • WrestleMania XX, the biggest show ever, and it starts off with John Cena winning the US Title vs. The Big Show.  The era of John Cena has begun!

  • Cena started his defense of the US Title defeating Rhyno the first week after Mania.

  • John Cena was seen on Raw for the first time during the Draft Lottery, as he and fellow Smackdown stars brawled with Raw stars to end the show.

  • After the lottery, Cena cut a rap on new draft pick Rene Dupree.  The next week, new Smackdown GM Kurt Angle put Cena in a handicap match vs. Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli.  Cena overcame the odds and emerged victorious.  Later that night he was nominated for the Great American Award by Angle, and up for a title shot at Judgment Day.

  • The following week, John Cena defeated Danny Basham.  That night, Kurt Angle would announce that JBL would get the title shot, leaving most fans feeling as if Cena had been robbed.

  • The wins continued as Cena defended the US Title again, this tie defeating Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero.

  • The next week saw John attack Rene Dupree on café de Rene, the new Smackdown show after Dupree was seen hitting on Torrie.  Later in the night, Cena lost in a handicap match to both Chavo Guerrero Sr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr.

  • Cena again saved Torrie as she was slated to wrestle Dupree the next week by Kurt Angle.  The next week saw Cena defeat the other Basham, this time it was Doug.  Later in the night, Cena saved Torrie yet again, as Dupree and Dawn Marie had bad intentions with her.

  • The following week saw the battle of UPW stars as John Cena retained his US Title over Sakoda.

  • At Judgment Day, John Cena retained his US Title over Rene Dupree in his first pay per view title defense.

  • The two men had a rematch at the next Smackdown, and this time Dupree got the win via count-out.

  • This led to John Cena competing in his first ever Lumberjack Match vs. Rene Dupree.  Cena again retained the US Title.

  • The next week saw Cena upset at Booker T, and they fought all over Smackdown leading to the next week.

  • Kurt Angle on this night said that the first man of 3 to defeat Cena would get the title shot at the Great American Bash.  This saw John Cena wrestle Booker T, Rob Van Dam, and Rene Dupree to 5 minute draws.  Angle came out and gave Dupree extra time, where Cena would defeat him.  Following the match, The Undertaker upset attacked both Cena and RVD.

  • The next week saw Mr. Thursday Night Rob Van Dam and John Cena team up against Booker T and Rene Dupree.  The match went to a no contest after The Undertaker again attacked RVD and Cena.

  • The next week, Cena challenged The Undertaker, and Kurt Angle, after a brief rap on Cena made the match, where The Undertaker defeated Cena in a non title match.

  • At The Great American Bash 2004, John Cena retained his US Title against 4 Smackdown Superstars, Rene Dupree, Rob Van Dam and Booker T.  Cena is now showing signs of being dominate.

  • Following the reincarnation of the Bash, Cena was seen in a verbal tussle with the American loving Kenzo Suzuki.  Suzuki was referenced to poop several times!  Next week, prior to his match, he was attacked by Suzuki and fellow UPW alumni Luther Reigns.  Later that night, John Cena defended his US Title against Booker T.  While wrestling, they ran into Smackdown GM Kurt Angle who stripped Cena of the US Title, therefore proving he had something against Cena that would resurface later in the careers.

  • Cena was irate over being stripped of the US Title, to the point that next week, he demanded he be given the title back and threw Angle’s bodyguard Luther Reigns through a wall in Angle’s office!  Later that night, Angle made a 3 on 1 handicap match for Cena, who was defeated by Kenzo Suzuki, Rene Dupree and Booker T.

  • Cena got some revenge on Angle as he defeated Luther Reigns, formerly Horshu in UPW.

  • Mr. McMahon fired Kurt Angle as GM after some shady dealings including stripping Cena of the Title.  Teddy Long was introduced as the new GM, and immediately made a Battle Royal for the new US Champion to be crowned in which Cena was entered.  Cena however came out on the short end as he watched Booker T win his US Title.

  • John Cena faced off with Rob Van Dam to find out who would get the shot at Booker T, and Cena came out victorious and was now again gunning for the US Title.

  • The next week saw the first Summer Games Relay match with Team Cena vs. Team Booker.  Team Cena won in the end as it saw Cena, RVD, and Charlie Haas defeat Booker T, Luther Reigns and Rene Dupree.

  • At Summerslam 2005, John Cena faced Booker T in the first of a best of 5 series for the US Title.  Cena won match 1, and was a step closer to winning back his gold.

  • The momentum after Summerslam continued as Cena defeated D Von Dudley per Teddy Long as Booker watched on.

  • The next match in the best of 5 series saw Booker T cheat to win and even the series at 1 a piece.

  • The next week saw Cena team with Rey Mysterio and RVD to defeat Booker T, Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree, giving Cena the upper hand in the battle with the US Champ.  The following week saw Cena return to what made him famous and cut a rap on Booker T and their next match.

  • On the next Smackdown, Cena was down 1-2 in the series as he lost to Booker T overseas in one match.  This evening, Cena would even it up going into No Mercy.

  • The build up was awesome for this final match.  Cena talked about Rock, Austin and Booker T over the next 2 weeks. 

  • At No Mercy, John Cena regained his US Title from Booker T in the culmination of their feud.  The Doctor was back on top.

  • In one of the more shocking moments in Smackdown history, John Cena retuned home to Boston and was thanking his Chain Gang for the support when Carlito would make his WWE Debut, challenging and attacking Cena.  Later that night in his first Smackdown match, Carlito, defeated John Cena for the US Title making a huge impact, in a feud that would follow them to Raw a year later!

  • The next week, the bad news hit home as Teddy Long informs us that John Cena was attacked in a club last week, and was stabbed in the kidney.  The following week, Long questioned Carlito’s involvement, which he denied.  We then find out the next week that Cena was attacked, not by Carlito, but by his new muscle Jesus Aguilera, who is better known to UPW fans as The HardKore Kidd!  UPW is invading Smackdown.  2 weeks later, we find out that Cena will return at Survivor Series as a member of Team Guerrero to face Team Angle with Carlito!

  • At Survivor Series 2004, John Cena returned to an enormous ovation and went right for Carlito and Jesus.  He fought Jesus all the way to the back of the building as Carlito ran off.  Eventually, Carlito and Jesus drove off, but not before Cena made his presence felt.  He returned to the ring, where his team with Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam and The Big Show defeated Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns, with a departed Carlito.  UPW was represented by 3 alumni during the Smackdown Main Event at Survivor Series!

  • As Cena returned to Smackdown, he was given a US Title rematch, and delivered big time.  Cena regained the US Title from Carlito, but as soon as he won the title in a convincing fashion, he was attacked by Jesus, as he hit Cena in the injured kidney with Cena’s own chain.  This led to Cena being carried out of the arena, much to the delight of Jesus and Carlito.

  • US Champion John Cena returned at Armageddon 2004 and defeated in a dominating and vicious fashion former UPW alumni and Carlito bodyguard Jesus in a bloody street fight.  Cena dominated the entire match showing what happens when he is pushed too far.

  • On the final Smackdown of the year, Cena retained his US Title over Rene Dupree, ending the year that put Cena on the map as the future of World Wrestling Entertainment!

John Cena had 31 wins, 10 losses with 5 No Contests.
Cena was 7-2 on Pay Per View.

John won the United States Title 3 Times, and lost it once, and was stripped of the title one time by Smackdown General Manager Kurt Angle.
He ended the year US Champion.

For his career Cena has 66 wins, 35 losses, 6 ND and is 10-6 on PPV, with 3 Title Reigns.


  • The Champ started off the new year with a battle rap between himself and Kenzo Suzuki.  Obviously, the Doctor won this battle.  The nest week saw Cena retain his Title by defeating Kenzo in a regular match.  This looked to be Cena’s year!

  • Cena earned his entrance to the Royal Rumble by defeating Rene Dupree the following week, but was attacked by Suzuki after the match.

  • The final Smackdown prior to the Rumble as Cena remain undefeated in 2005, as he again defeated Kenzo Suzuki.

  • The 2005 Royal Rumble saw John Cena and Batista go down to the end together and eliminate each other, until Mr. McMahon made his way down and ordered it to continue.  Batista ended up winning, but Cena made his mark as en elite performer on this night.  Cena entered the Rumble at number 25, and eliminated Viscera, Kane and Edge.

  • John Cena made it clear he wanted WWE gold the next Smackdown.  JBL, the WWE Champion at the time, was then FU’d by Cena as Long made a tournament for the title shot at WrestleMania.

  • Cena started the tournament off by defeating Orlando Jordan and getting one step closer to the main event of Mania.

  • The next week saw Cena defeat Booker T, and the finals were set to Angle vs. Cena as their career long feud was set to continue at No Way Out.

  • No Way Out saw John Cena realize his dream.  Cena defeated Kurt Angle to earn a WWE Title shot and the Main event at WrestleMania 21, in Los Angeles, where he started his wrestling career at UPW!

  • The march to WrestleMania began as Cena teamed with the Big Show and they defeated WWE Champion JBL and Orlando Jordan the next week.

  • The next week saw John Cena lose the US Title to Orlando Jordan, thanks to some help from his Mania 21 opponent JBL.  This only made things more personal for the soon to be champion.

  • Upset at what happened to him, Cena came out to the next Smackdown looking for a fight, and delivered an FU to Smackdown GM Teddy Long for doing nothing.

  • Cena’s roll continued as he followed that up with a win, by teaming with the Tag Team Champions Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio defeating JBL, and the Basham Bros.

  • Having the momentum going into WrestleMania, Cena and JBL had a debate.  This ended with Cena spray painting not only JBL’s limo, but JBL as well!

  • The final Smackdown before the biggest night of Cena’s life ended badly as he wrestled Carlito, and the match was stopped as JBL had Cena arrested for damaging his limo.

  • WrestleMania 21, the biggest show in WWE History.  JBL, the longest reigning WWE Champion in a decade.  The Main Event of the biggest show ever.  How does John Cena respond.  Coming back home to UPW stomping ground in Los Angeles, Cena’s career came full circle, winning the WWE Championship over JBL in a convincing fashion.  The John Cena era had begun.  His time is NOW!

  • Cena started his reign by telling the fans that this win was for them, and he is fighting for the people.  The following week saw Cena unveil his new WWE Title, with a spinner and full of diamonds and gold, much to the dismay of wrestling purist, JBL.

  • John Cena, in his first title defense defeated US Champion Orlando Jordan, avenging his loss prior to WrestleMania on the next Smackdown. 

  • Showing his spirit as a fighting champion, Cena defeated the always pesky Rene Dupree the following week.  We then saw John Cena debut his new music video for his sold out debut CD, Bad Bad Man.  JBL also was given a title shot, in an I Quit match with Cena at Judgment Day.

  • Things were so heated between the two, that it took the entire Smackdown roster to stop JBL and Cena from fighting the next week.

  • Cena overcame the odds once again as he defeated JBL’s cabinet member the Basham Bros in a handicap match to get ready for the I Quit Match.

  • Judgment Day 2005 will forever be remembered as the night John Cena solidified himself as a champion with heart as he defeated JBL in a very bloody and classic match.  JBL screamed I Quit before Cena finished him off for good. 

  •  Cena again teamed with the Big Show 2 weeks later and defeated his nemesis Carlito and his new bodyguard Matt Morgan.

  • June 6, 2005, the day the marked the beginning of a new era in WWE History.  The Draft Lottery began on Raw and the worked was stunned to see the first draft pick, unveiled during Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel:  WWE Champion John Cena!  Cena then fought with Christian who was gunning for Cena before the draft lottery.  Cena got off to a rocky start as he upset Raw GM Eric Bischoff who wanted him to join the anti- ECW crusade.

  • In his first match on Raw, Cena teamed with Chris Jericho to face Christian and Tyson Tomko.  Cena and Jericho got the win, but Jericho shocked many as he attacked his partner John Cena after the match and brutalized him badly.

  • Cena came out the next week, getting ready for his first WWE Title defense at Vengeance, stopping the undefeated streak of the controversial Muhammad Hassan.

  • At Vengeance 2005, John Cena retained his WWE Title by defeating Chris Jericho and Christian in a great triple threat match.  People are saying Cena is unstoppable.

  • June 27, 2005 marked another great date, as Cena teamed with 2 legends in the world of wrestling.  WWE Champion John Cena teamed with Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan to beat Carlito, Christian and Tyson Tomko.  Cena, after the match showed his respect to Hogan and Michaels by giving them the stage.

  • Apparently the feud with Jericho was not over as the next week, Cena was a guest on the Highlight Reel which led to a fight between the two. 

  • The world came crashing down the next week as Cena and Jericho were verbally abusing one another when Eric Bischoff made it clear his mission would now be to make sure Cena lost the WWE Title.  This resulted in Bischoff being given and FU!  Cena is showing a propensity for not liking authority figures.

  • After he received an FU, Bischoff made a lumberjack match for Cena with Snitsky.  Despite all the best efforts by many such as Chris Jericho, Cena came out on top and defeated Snitsky in his first lumberjack match.

  • John Cena and Chris Jericho were scheduled to have the Battle of the Bands on the next Raw, but after Cena rocked the house, Jericho decided against playing with Fozzy.  Jericho was however the special referee for a match Bischoff put together, as Carlito, the Intercontinental Champion defeated John Cena with the assistance the Chris Jericho.  This gave Carlito a title match the following week.

  • Come next week, Cena overcame the odds, and defeated Carlito, with Chris Jericho as the special referee and Eric Bischoff at ringside.  Jericho and Bischoff then attacked Cena, and bloodied him up, and we last saw Cena getting slapped by Eric Bischoff.

  • Cena came out the following week to help referee Chad Patton, who was being beaten by Jericho and Bischoff, showing he is a man of respect as well.

  • Eric Bischoff wanted to make sure Cena was softened up prior to his match at Summerslam, and ordered Cena to wrestle Chris Jericho and Carlito in a handicap match.  However, things backfired for Bischoff as Cena ended up winning the match.  After the loss, Jericho killed Cena with a wicked chair shot to the side of the face.

  • This set the stage for Summerslam 2005.  WWE Champion John Cena defeated Chris Jericho in a great, show stealing match at Summerslam.  Cena showed he is very capable of winning the big ones with this win.

  • The war was not over, as the next night, Bischoff made a Title rematch, with stipulations being that the loser is fired from WWE.  Cena ended up defeating Jericho, despite Bischoff interfering.  The aftermath was crazy as Jericho as carried out screaming, and Kurt Angle was announced as the new number one contender, and he beat down Cena after a long grueling match.

  • Cena and Angle continued their feud the next week, as they fought each other after a few words were exchanged.  Cena’s career is coming full circle as his first WWE match was with Angle, and now Angle is the number one contender for his title.

  • The following week, Angle beat Eugene, and Cena ran down and attacked Angle, until Tyson Tomko came in and kicked Cena silly, setting up for a match.  Cena defeated Tomko with an FU, and after the match was attacked by the vicious Kurt Angle, who Angle Slammed Cena on the stage!

  • The next week saw Bischoff try again to screw Cena, yet watched it backfire again.  Cena defeated Angle and Tomko in another handicap match, giving him his 25th win of the year.  Angle worked over Cena’s ankle to end the show prior to his title match.

  •  John Cena retained his WWE Title over Kurt Angle at Unforgiven 2005, as John Cena was disqualified for using a chair that Kurt Angle brought into the ring.  Upset, Cena proceeded to slam Kurt Angle through the ringside table, and sent the fans home happy.

  • In one of the most star studded matches in Raw History, John Cena teamed with Shawn Michaels, Matt Hardy and The Big Show to defeat Carlito, UPW alumni Chris Masters, Snitsky, and Edge in a great 8 man tag team match.

  • The next week saw Cena in his first ever tables match teaming with Shawn Michaels against Carlito and Chris Masters.  Cena and Michaels lost as Kurt Angle threw Michaels through a table and then slammed Cena through a table and bloodied him again.

  • WWE Homecoming, WWE returned to the USA Network on October 3, 2005.  On this might, the main event was huge and had been building since Cena was drafted to Raw.  WWE Champion John Cena defeated General manage Eric Bischoff in a No DQ match, after Angle eliminated himself after a chair shot backfired.  As Raw returned to USA, it was clear, that John Cena was to be the face of Monday Night Raw!

  • John Cena was seen reverting back to his old ways rapping about Angle, Carlito, Michaels, Big Show and Edge during Carlito’s Cabana as they all gunned for a title shot.  This set the stage for a great 6 man tag match later in the show.  Cena also had his first face to face confrontation with Triple H here, planting seeds for what may come down the line.  In the 6 man match, Cena teamed with Big Show and Shawn Michaels, losing to Edge, Carlito and Kurt Angle after Angle reversed a Cena reversal to the ankle lock into a pin.  Cena then watched Angle celebrate as he wondered what had happened.


Thus far in 2005:
John Cena has 27 wins, 6 losses with 1 No Contest.
Cena is 5-2 on Pay Per View.

John has won the WWE Title, and lost the US Title.  He is currently the WWE Champion.

For his career on TV Cena has 93 wins, 41 losses, 7 ND and is 15-8 on PPV, with 4 Title Reigns.


Anthony Rosas
October 13th, 2005




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