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DISTRICT: Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette
CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Inky MarkCON2008459.08% X
Walter KolisnykNDP622118.3%
Don DewarLIB617118.15%
Kathy StoreyGRN12463.67%
Iris YawneyCHP2730.8%
December 14, 2:04:38 PM EST 217 of 217 polls reporting


217 Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette

2006 Candidates:
CON:Inky Mark (Incumbent)
CHP:Iris Yawney
GRN:Kathy Storey
LIB:Don Dewar
NDP:Walter Kolisnyk


 Riding Map

This riding in western Manitoba is bounded on the west by Saskatchewan and on the north and east by Lake Winnipegosis and Lake Manitoba. The U.S. border is its southern boundary.

Duck Mountain Provincial Park is in the central part of the riding and Riding Mountain National Park is in the southeast of the constituency. The major centres are Dauphin, Swan River, Roblin, Neepawa and Minnedosa.

The economy is mainly agricultural with some forestry and fishing.

The riding has 11 reserves and 14 per cent of the population is aboriginal. Another 11 per cent reported Ukrainian heritage in the 2001 census. About 14 per cent of the population has less than a Grade 9 education and just over five per cent have a university degree. The average family income was $44,261 in 2001 and unemployment was 6.3 per cent.

The riding was established as Dauphin in 1903. The name changed to Dauphin-Swan River in 1983. In the 1996 redistribution, 18 per cent of Lisgar-Marquette was added to this riding. In 2004 it added 4 per cent of Portage-Lisgar in the southeast.

Political History
In 2004, Conservative Inky Mark won this riding for a third time. He was first elected here in 1997 as a Reformer, then in 2000 under the Canadian Alliance banner.

Progressive Conservative Elmer Forbes served as MP from 1958 until 1968. PC Gordon Ritchie was the MP from 1968 until 1980. That year, New Democrat Laverne Lewycky won, but he was defeated in 1984 by PC Brian White. White was re-elected in 1988.

In 1993, Liberal Marlene Cowling won one term.

1904 - LIB
1908 - CON
1911 - LIB
1917 - CON
1921, 1925 - PROG
1926 - LIB PROG
1930 - CON
1935, 1940 - LIB
1945 - CCF
1949 - LIB
1953, 1957 - CCF
1958-79 inclusive - PC
1980 - NDP

Dauphin-Swan River:
1984, 1988 - PC
1993 - LIB
1997 - REF
2000 - CA
2004 - CON


Inky Mark

Party: Conservative Party of Canada

Birth Date: Nov. 17, 1947
Age: 58
Birthplace: Toysun Province, China

Education: BA from Brandon University, and a B.Ed.from the University of Manitoba; did post-graduate studies in Seattle, Wash. Also holds a certificate in broadcasting (Toronto), and Manitoba General Insurance & Real Estate Broker Certificates
Profession: Insurance broker, real estate broker, small business owner

Marital status: Married
Name of spouse: Lynda
Children: Ashley and Chelsey

Career background: Grew up in the restaurant business in Gilbert Plains, Man. Taught high school in Dauphin, Man. Owner/operator of Pat's Factory Warehouse, a large clothing store. Owner/operator of Intermountain Realty and National Real Estate franchise. A member of the Dauphin Plains Credit Union Board

Community activities: His current and past community involvement with organizations include Dauphin First United Church Board; Dauphin Flying Club; Dauphin Handgun Club (as president); Dauphin Wildlife Federation (as chairman); Fort Dauphin Museum; Dauphin Trap Club; IPSC Canada; CPSA Canada; Parkland Shooting Sports Association (as president) ; Dauphin Municipal Snowbird Air show (co-ordinator); Flying Teachers International (founder and president); Parkland Alpine Ski Association (president); Manitoba Teachers Association; Manitoba Tuxis Boys Parliament; the Elks (past member); and Dauphin United Commercial Travellers (member).

Electoral History
Party: Was a life-long PC, active in federal and provincial parties before joining Reform. Was vice-president of Dauphin-Swan River PC Association
Municipal: Served two terms as mayor of Dauphin (elected in 1994). He was a member of the Manitoba Association of Urban Municipalities membership committee, and a member of the Provincial Rural advisory committee.
Federal: Elected in Dauphin-Swan River in 1997, 2000 and 2004

Political History
Committee: Former vice-chair: Canadian Heritage; Citizenship and Immigration; standing joint committee on official languages. Former member: Canadian Heritage; Transport; Citizenship and Immigration; Aboriginal Affairs, Northern Development and Natural Resources; special committee on the non-medical use of drugs; Justice and Human Rights; subcommittee on solicitation laws of the standing committee on justice and human rights; joint committee on scrutiny of regulations
Caucus: Former critic areas: Public Security, Solicitor General, Justice, Canadian Heritage, Francophonie, Citizenship and Immigration, Indian Affairs and Northern Development.

Riding Address: 1450 Main St. S., Dauphin, Man., R7N 3H4
Tel: (204) 622-6201
Email: mark.i@parl.gc.ca

Iris Yawney

Party: Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Year of Birth: 1941
Birthplace: Buchanan, Sask.

Education: Attended teachers college
Profession: Former teacher

Career Background: Works at Dauphin Regional Hospital, former teacher

Campaign Office:
Tel: (204) 638-3032
Fax: (204) 638-7862
padreoleh @ MTS.net

Kathy Storey

Party: Green Party of Canada

Profession: Organic farmer

Marital Status: Married
Career Background: She runs a mixed farm with her husband and recently implemented a sustainable farming system.

Community Activities: She has served as chairperson of the church board and school council, and volunteers for many cultural and community events.

Tel: (204) 546-2099
Email: kstorey@greenparty.ca

Don Dewar

Party: Liberal Party of Canada

Education: Degree in agricultural economics from the University of Manitoba
Profession: Small business owner

Marital status: Married
Name of spouse: Marion
Children: Mark and Tamara

Career background: Owns/operates with his son, Dewar Seed Farms in Dauphin, Man. Has served on the board of directors and as president of Manitoba Seed Growers, on the national board of the Canadian Seed Growers Association, as a Manitoba director for the national board of SeCan, as well as a member of the Manitoba Farm Mediation Board, the Dauphin Airport advisory Board, and with the policy branch of Manitoba Agriculture and Food. He is a member of the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists, and a member of the District Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) board, serving as second vice-president, 1st vice-president, and as president of the provincial KAP. He is involved with the Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers Co-op.

Community activities: He is a former member of the Dauphin Kinsmen, where he held various executive positions, including that of president, and is a member of the vestry for St. Paul's Anglican Church in Dauphin.

Electoral History
Federal: Placed third in 2004 election with 20% of the votes

Campaign Office:

Walter Kolisnyk

Party: New Democratic Party

Profession: Farmer, small business owner

Marital status: Married
Name of spouse: Carrie
Children: Tara, Michael and Shaina

Career background: Operates a grain and cattle farm with his family in the rural municipality of Minitonas. Served on the Farmland Ownership Board for four years. Chair of the board for the Manitoba Crop Insurance Corporation. Active on the provincial agriculture committee

Community activities: Director of the Swan Valley Credit Union Board. A member of the Minitonas and District Lions Club. Northwest regional director on the Manitoba Association of School Trustees (MAST) executive. President of the National Farmers Union Local 520.

Electoral History
Municipal: School trustee on the Swan Valley School Division Board for 10 years
Federal: Placed second in 2004 election with 22% of the votes

Campaign Office:
(204) 622-7700

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