Gamespot UK launches

Leading US consumer site Gamespot has launched in the UK today – and is promising to shake up the online space with a focus on “quality editorial and a strong community element”.

Gamespot UK's launch sees the return of a dedicated site after four years’ absence. However, since its departure in 2002, the number of UK visitors to the US parent site has grown consistently, according to CNET Networks’ head of consumer publishing Jill Orr, making the launch of a dedicated site this side of the Atlantic a no-brainer.

“What we’ve seen since we closed the UK site in 2002 is the number of British visitors visiting increasing four-fold,” she told MCV. “We recognised that the time is now right for us to relaunch in the UK.”

The online consumer gaming space may seem already somewhat crowded, with brands such as Spong and Eurogamer already established here, Future’s Games Radar having recently relaunched and other US sites such as IGN and 1-Up expected to launch here shortly. But Orr is confident that Gamespot can bring something new to the table.

“One of the biggest differences with Gamespot is quality of content,” she added. “We have a very strong, experienced editorial team based in the US working alongside our dedicated local staff.

“In addition, the community element of our site is very important. We have really excelled in defining consumer generated media, which has really set us aside from others. Our audience is more engaged with us, spending two to three times longer on our site than they do with any of our competitors.

“I don’t think there are any sites out there that are comparable to Gamespot.”

CNET Networks has hired Phil Elliott as editor of He joins from Radio Five Live. Also on the UK team are Guy Cocker and site manager Laura Jenner.

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