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The National Fleet


It constitutes the Navy’s main Operational Force. It consists of surface warships and logistical support ships. Her base is in the port of Valparaiso.


These ships with good seakeeping are the units that exercise command of the sea throughout the 200 nautical miles of the Exclusive Economic Zone. They also safeguard Chilean domestic interests on islands, such as Easter and Juan Fernandez Islands. As regards overseas, the ships of the Fleet enable a more active involvement in international peace operations efforts to promote and maintain peace and stability in those regions of national interest.


The process of renovating the Fleet and the improvement of maritime capabilities are aimed at ensuring the defence and control of Chile’s maritime sovereignty. The Navy is replacing the National Fleet older ships with modern vessels with lower operational and maintenance costs.


In order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its ships as well as their capability to interoperate, the Navy is modernizing its systems and equipment.


The modernization of ships is being carried out with the support of Chile’s defence industry and the Navy Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Company (ASMAR).

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