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The Metal Gear Edge

The Metal Gear Timeline

Circa: 1987 -
Metal Gear, masterpiece of the genius Hideo Kojima is released for the MSX 2 Personal Computer in Japan and Europe. The game itself caught gamers' eyes with it's great graphics and never before seen gameplay where stealth was key.

Later in 1987 - A Nintendo version of the game is released in the United States. Kojima has nothing to do with the NES conversion/translation.

1990 - Solid Snake has another adventure that is covered in the game "Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake" for the MSX 2. The game was only released in Japan. Many think that the game is just the MSX2 version of Snake's Revenge but they're wrong. There were two different Metal Gear 2's.

Also in 1990 -
The second Metal Gear for the NES is released, but it was not developed by Kojima. The game itself is much like the origional NES Metal Gear. This time it supports nicer graphics, and a cast of supporting characters. But the storyline is lacking, and some gamers didn't like the new side-scrolling aspects put into the game. The game is marketed (by Konami and their company "Ultra Games") alongside "Super C" a Contra sequel. Both games do well in the market but Contra does better because of it's easier-to-learn control and it's action.

1990-1996 -
Konami continues to be one of the top game developing companies in the industry. The release a wide assortment of games, from their headliners such as Castlevania and Contra to games based on the once-hot property known as "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." Along the way Konami ditches the extra moniker of "Ultra Games."

1997 -
At the 1997 Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, Konami announces that they will be releasing a sequel to the Metal Gear games of the past. This time, for the Sony Playstation console. A short tape is shown to crowds and people start talking. The talk continues as more information on the game is released to the masses.

Also in 1997 - Solid Snake was translated into English by Maarten ter Huurne and Takamichi Suzukawa. Visit Maarten's homepage or Takamichi's homepage for more information and the latest downloads.

Summer '98 -
More and more info about Metal Gear Solid pops up. Japanese gamers get a chance to play the game at the 1998 Tokyo Game Show. The game is hyped by gaming magazines to the exterme. At the 1998 E3 show in Atlanta, Metal Gear Solid is declared to be everything it was hyped up to be as gamers are allowed to play a preview of the game for the first time in America. It is also wins the title, best game of show. Metal Gear Solid is announced to be released in the fall of 1998.

September 4th, 1998 -
Metal Gear Solid is released in Japan. Buyers have the option of buying the game alone or the Premium Package, which contains not only the game but many other goodies.

October 22,nd 1998 -
Metal Gear Solid is released in the U.S. without the Premium Package option. Grr... The game recieves rave reviews and a whle new generation of Metal Gear fans arise.

Metal Gear, and all associated video games, media, characters, etc. are © Konami.