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Following are a list of publications Allen has available for purchase.  The list so far contains specialized magicians publications, although Allen is working on several for more general use.

Modus Pocus is a "sporadical" (aka a periodical which is sporadically published--this moniker thanks to Jon Racherbaumer) dedicated to the solution of card problems.  Previously unpublished material from Ed Marlo, Bill Miesel, Bob Walker, and others graces the pages.  Three issues are available.  Original copies of Issue 1 are no longer available, but reprints are still available.  Modus Pocus was the pre-internet version of sites such as

Cardometrics is a booklet dedicated to miracles with playing cards that use subtlety rather than knuckle busting sleight of hand.  Although the effects are not original with Allen, he has culled some of the best from our literature and provides full crediting and references so that you can seek out the original sources and learn ever more miracles.

Getting Your Act Together is a booklet which provides a theoretical foundation in routining a magic show.  Some of the best ideas from Hay and Fitzkee are included.

Essays are a collection of material, mostly theoretical, which have been published in various magic club newsletters.

Book reviews are written whenever a book is particularly stimulating.  The reviews tend to be fairly detailed.