2 June 2007
Blinding site
Good morning,

June promises to be a very eventful month for MyFootballClub. With over 31,000 registered, our target is now well within reach.

The website through which members will operate the football club is now under development. Over the last 5 weeks we have received some great suggestions for this site, such as, “... put a plasma screen in the dressing room – a few words of encouragement from members could really inspire the players.” Or “a dugout webcam would be brilliant – I want to see and hear everything!”

If you’ve got ideas for the site – no matter how weird or wonderful - email them to us here. This is our chance to create the world’s greatest football club website.

27 May 2007
The world’s local club
Good morning,

The picture below, from 10:30 GMT today, shows the locations of the last 50 MyFootballClub visitors. Around 80% are from the UK and 20% from the rest of the world. Our club will have a considerable scouting network for players.

Registrations are nearing 28,000 and the story continues to generate media interest. Here is what The Daily Telegraph the The Times had to say about MyFootballClub.

13 May 2007
Almost half-time
Good evening,

Over 20,000 are now registered and the halfway mark is in sight.

The FAQ section has been expanded and a registration counter added. A small percentage of new registrations are incorrect or incomplete so, rather than being real-time, the counter will be updated regularly with precise numbers.

9 May 2007
To Elland back
Good evening,

Leeds United remain top - just. And as yet, we haven’t found a Mr Ken Bates on the registration list. Current registrations stand at over 14,500. The question of how long it will take to reach 50,000 looms large. With your help we’ll certainly get there quicker, so please tell your friends about MyFootballClub and be part of it together.

Another question is what kind of football club your £1.4m will buy. As we approach 50,000, the lawyer leading the team who will buy the football club on your behalf will discuss this issue and tell you more about the takeover process.

7 May 2007
Counter argument
Good afternoon,

Thank you for all the feedback. Some great suggestions and some excellent questions too. We will significantly enhance the FAQ page in the coming days. We will also be adding a registration counter – perhaps the most frequent request. Current registrations stand at over 11,500.

4 May 2007
9000 into 8
Good afternoon,

Over 9000 have registered in 8 days. Listen out for MyFootballClub news over the weekend on Sunday at 07:40 GMT on BBC Radio Five Live. There will also be interviews on Australia’s ABC and America’s EPL Talk.

2 May 2007
A numbers game
Good afternoon,

MyFootballClub registrations are now well over the 6,000 mark. Please continue to tell people about MyFooballClub, it will help us reach 50,000 sooner. We’ve received a few emails about the ownership of the new club. These have been answered in one extended FAQ answer - it’s easy to spot.

1 May 2007
May day, mayday
Good evening,

Don’t worry, everything’s okay. At around 16:30, a story appeared on the BBC website. You can see it here:

Since then, in 90 minutes, over 1200 people have registered. The league table has been changed accordingly.

28 April 2007
48 hours and counting
Good afternoon,

In two days, over 250 have now registered with MyFootballClub. We’ve also received a number of questions, all of which have been answered and added to the FAQ section.

26 April 2007
Takeover fever
Good morning,

On the day that MyFootballClub launches, takeover fever has hit English football. Stan Kroenke is eyeing up Arsenal, ex-player Ray Ranson fancies Manchester City and rumours sweep the City that Tottenham could be next.

Now, fans from around the world can get a piece of the action too. The success of MyFootballClub is down to you, so please email all football fans in your address book, and invite them to join you. As a group, we have more money than any of these multi-millionaires. We’ll also get to pick the team, a privilege that none of these owners enjoy.

News on progress and an updated Top 15 Clubs table will follow soon after.

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last updated: 06/06/07

£ 1,375,000
With 50,000 members
most voted for so far
  • 1 Leeds United
  • 2 Nott'm Forest
  • 3 Cambridge
  • 4 Accrington
  • 5 Brighton
  • 6 QPR
  • 7 Arsenal
  • 8 Torquay
  • 9 Barnet
  • 10 Man United
  • 11 Liverpool
  • 12 Brentford
  • 13 Woking
  • 14 Bradford City
  • 15 Halifax Town
last updated: 07/06/07