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    Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie
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American Made Music To Strip B

10/26/1999 3:00 AM, Yahoo! Music
Rob O'Connor

When I was 10 years old my favorite band in the world was Kiss. Why wouldn't it be? Where other bands gave you 10 songs and a plain white record sleeve, Kiss gave you color booklets, rub-on tattoos, Love Guns!

A part of me has always admired a performer who believed in attacking all the elements equally. So, it really goes without saying that my favorite thing about this Rob Zombie remix album is how cool all the photos are. The booklet has fire and ugly guys grimacing. Listening to the CD inside seems almost anticlimatic in a way.

Besides, if Mr. Zombie is so hands-on about his artistic statements, then how can he stand the idea of having all these other klutzes messing with his sound? Sure, weird computer blip noises are cool and different reverbs and stuff make it seem like you're hearing things for the first time, but why let Rammstein anywhere near the things you love?

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