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WHEN ENTERING THE FLOWER HILL CEMETERY of North Bergen, the first thing you'll notice is most of the hallowed ground is taken up by mausoleums -- stately turn-of-the-century cemetery abodes for the one time rich and famous.

pyramid tombOne structure that stands out from the rest is the pyramid mausoleum of the family Harms. A tomb in which even the Pharaohs would've been proud to be interred.

Pointing straight up to Ra, the pyramid stands about 20 feet tall. There was evidence of vandals chipping off pieces of the tomb's two guarding sphinxes, just like Napoleon's invading armies in the Land Of The Pharaohs had taken pot shots at the Great Sphinx.

We inquired at the main office as to the origins of the pyramid, but the owners who just recently took over the grounds had no prior knowledge of who built it. They did comment that no one has ever asked about it, because not many people knew it was there.

"Why do you want to know about it? Are you thinking of building one?" said the proprietor.

We said no, but we were thinking of entering the tomb to see if any gold laden treasures lay amongst the deceased.

Local lore of the pyramid among the West New York youth claims an Egyptian king is buried inside, which may explain why the vault was sealed off from the curious teenage population.

Once you travel beyond Floral Hill and its Mausoleum Road, you come upon the Hoboken Cemetery, a real thrill ride filled with skewed tombstones and narrow paths that wind up and down the overgrown hillside.