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Best Story
The Beast Within:
A Gabriel Knight Mystery

Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Developer: Sierra On-Line
In most games, the story is simply a way to get you from point A to point B, but in The Beast Within, the story is truly the driving factor in the game. And what a story it is: A series of mysterious murders in Germany, a lost Wagner opera, and a cabal of werewolves are the major components of this tour de force of horror and historical intrigue. Writer Jane Jensen proved that computer games can be a viable and unique vehicle for storytelling, and with any luck, her efforts will inspire others to strive for same level of greatness.

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     Wing Commander IV:
The Price of Freedom

Publisher: Origin Systems
Developer: Origin Systems
  Space Nazis? While that might sound like the basis for some bad 60s science fiction film, the fourth (and arguably best) chapter in the Wing Commander series focuses on the political turmoil that often erupts in the aftermath of war. Wing Commander IV is brilliant in the way it keeps the player in the dark for the majority of the story, forcing him to make decisions based on intuition, fly missions that seem morally questionable, and ultimately uncover a terrifying story of deceit and betrayal. And to top it all off, the game boasts one of the most moving conclusions ever committed to full motion video.

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