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November 19 2003

How to fit most bricks into a Pick-a-Brick cup

In recent weeks a lively discussion has been going on at the LEGO fan web-site LUGNET.com.

How can you fit most bricks into one of the Pick-a-Brick cups in the LEGO brand stores?, the fans ask each other.

After visiting the Orlando LEGO Imagination Centre, the current record holder Brian H. Nielsen has calculated that, when constructing a cylinder cone, he can fit no less than 1,315 LEGO elements into a large cup - 889 cubic bricks and 426 plates.

Brian H. Nielsen gives a highly detailed technical instruction on LUGNET:
“It didn't take much thought to see that a solid block leaves the least wasted space. In this case, the block is the shape of a truncated cone, which’s upper and lower diameter match that of the top and bottom of the cup. I started the construction of the cone in the middle at an intermediate diameter of 9 studs, building 2 interlocking layers. This provided a stable platform from which to do further construction,” he explains.

Other LEGO fans, however, are not too impressed with Brian H. Nielsen’s record. They are only interested in knowing how to fit most traditional 2x4 LEGO bricks into the cup.
Here the current record is 138 bricks. After publishing the instructions for fitting 136 2x4 bricks into the cup, record holder Jeff Reuland managed to find a way to put two more 2x4s into the cup.

Jeff tells us:
“When packed there is room for other small things like 1x4 plates but I left them out because that number varies by chance and how much time you want to spend in the store. When I was packing mine I wanted to keep it as simple as I could for stacking in less than ten minutes per cup in the store. It had to build in sections that could be assembled easily and in quantity. At home it's pretty easy to sit and take your time but in the store you have things like kids to deal with!”

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If you know how, it is possible to squeeze no less than 1,315 LEGO bricks into a Pick-a-Brick cup

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LEGO fan Jeff Reuland has made the instructions for stacking 136 2x4s in a cup

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