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Parking Reference Group

Minutes of Meeting Number 1, 2001

The first meeting of the Parking Reference Group for 2001 was held at 3pm on Friday 4 May 2001 in the Conference Room on the top floor of the Yencken Building.


Mr Warwick Williams, Director, F&S, Chair
Mr Alex Chryss, Manager, Security and Campus Services
Mr Chris Coughlan, University Architect
Mr Peter Shipp, Finance Officer, F&S
Ms Jan Twigg, Parking Administration
Ms Janice Aldridge
Ms Lesley Harland
Ms Alison Humphreys
Professor Des Nicholls
Mr Maciej Wasilewicz, President, ANUSA.

In attendance: Ms Barb Mitchell, F&S.

1. Apologies/Welcomes

Mr Clint Davies gave an apology for this meeting. Ms Mitchell will pursue the issue of representation from the JCSMR precinct and PARSA.

2. Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on 11 October 2000 were confirmed.

3. Matters arising from those minutes (unless covered separately):

3.1 Progress report on Baldessin Parking Structure: It was noted that the structure was due to open at the beginning of second semester 2001 although there had recently been some problems which may mean a delay.

The Division has called for expressions of interest from staff and students and there have been 240 applications received so far; there are about 40 authorised places and about 30 people are moving from the Kingsley Street Parking Station. It appears the campus population is slowly accepting that surface carparking will disappear in due course.

It is proposed that the entire structure be either staff or student parking (with exclusive student parking on the top deck). Depending upon demand, it may be that consideration will be given to conversion of some of the space to Pay and Display.

3.2 Permits for part time students: Mr Chryss indicated he had not been able to reach any compromise within the student areas in relation to this issue. Unfortunately, a student's workload intensity is the key however, staff in Parking Administration would continue to individually assess each request from a part-time student with a full time load.

The President of the ANUSA indicated he considered that part-time students should be able to access cheaper parking; Mr Chryss pointed out that the majority of part-time students used the Pay and Display carparks where the fee was 60c for the first two hours. It was also a fact that fees for students were reduced last year as well as more parking areas being specifically reserved for students only.

Parking Administration staff indicated that there was not the capacity to handle between 2000 and 3000 additional parking permits; it would create havoc for staff and students. Statistics indicate that most, if not all, part time students enjoy some form of employment and are in a position to pay for a permit.

It was also stated that a carpark near the Law Faculty had been specifically signposted to restrict permit parking to 4pm. This helped part time students in that area find a parking space.

It was agreed that Mr Chryss and Mr Wasilewicz will pursue this issue.

3.3 Car pooling: Two memos (12 May 2000 from Bart Meehan and Car Pooling Guidelines) were received and the document tabled by Maciej Wasilewicz 1st Draft of Public Transport/Car Pooling/Discussion Paper, March 2001 will be attached to these minutes.

Discussion was held over until the next meeting.

3.4 Salary sacrificing: There was nothing further to report on salary sacrificing.

3.5 Use of ACT carparks: Mr Williams reported there was little further to report. Some carparks adjacent to the University in the City were being offered for sale. There is a suggestion that the carpark opposite Ridge's Lakeside might be used by the National Museum (for the base for a bus shuttle service). Staff in Parking Administration continue to suggest to ANU staff and students that government carparks close to the campus be used as overflow.

3.6 Liversidge Street lighting: It was noted that as the ScreenSound Australia building was now finished, ACTEW will be asked to remove the light poles on that side of Liversidge Street.

4. Parking fees

It was noted that fees for the period 2001 to 2003 were approved by the University Council on 10 November 2000 on the recommendation of Finance Committee. As a number of people had to leave the meeting early and two areas were not represented at all, discussion on the issue of fees will be held over to the next meeting.

5. Financial issues

Financial statements for the year ending 31 December 2000 were noted.

Consistent with previous practice, arrangements had been made to borrow money to pay for the Baldessin carparking structure. However, as part of the negotiations it was decided to borrow an amount of $7M to cover all potential outstanding debts. The cash flow arising from this was set out in Attachment E to the actual submission and is constructed so as to ensure that in any one year the parking and traffic budget is in surplus.

Attachment A, which was actually seen and endorsed (at least as a basis for planning) by Finance Committee in October 2000 indicates implications for future planning of carparking structures, eg difficulties in borrowing funds until such time as the current debt is paid off, whereas in earlier proposals it was planned that a parking structure on the northwestern side of the campus would be available in 2006. This may not be possible now until 2010. The alternative would be to raise fees.

Mr Shipp considers it would be helpful if any decision about parking fees was left until the new parking station had been operational for a few weeks and there is a better idea of occupancy rates.

Again because of lack of numbers, this item was held over.

6. Planning issues

The following statements relates to those planning and other matters which have had an effect on the provision of future parking

6.1 Developments on the Acton Peninsula: At the outset Mr Williams indicated that the opening of the National Museum of Australia had put extreme pressure on the University's carparks and had resulted, unfortunately, in some 'bad press'. There was a possibility that a cultural facility would be constructed on the corner of Lennox Crossing and Lawson Crescent and this would also add to the current parking congestion.

It was noted that the carpark opposite Old Canberra House (Constable's Cottage carpark) is open and provides a new entrance to the child care centres. It operates on the weekends as overflow Museum parking. There is to be some refurbishment of both Child Care Centres and Lennox Blocks A and I as a result of which the carpark on the south side of the Child Care Centres (Lennox carpark) will be used for some time as construction parking. A decision is yet to be made about the balance of the carparking spaces, eg whether to continue them as permit parking or to convert them to short term/voucher parking, noting the abovementioned parking pressures arising out of the location of the National Museum of Australia on the Peninsula.

The future of the Noel Butlin Archives still has to be resolved and is due to be considered again by the end of this year. Depending upon the outcome of this review the Acton Underhill may yet become available at some stage in the future for parking.

6.2 Carparking adjacent to the JCSMR and Coombs Buildings: It was noted that masterplanning studies for these two buildings were underway at the present time. It is likely that carparking spaces adjacent to the JCSMR and Innovations Buildings on the one hand, and to the south of the Coombs Building on the other, will disappear. The implications of this for carparking in these two areas are under consideration by the Division.

6.3 Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies Building: It was further noted that, on the recommendation of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, two sites are under consideration for this building. The first is to the southwest of the Baldessin Precinct Building adjacent to the School of Art; the second is between the Chancelry and the Chancelry Annex. In both cases, construction of the building will result in a loss of carparking spaces - staff/student carparking for the site near the Baldessin Precinct Building and visitor parking for the site between the Chancelry and the Chancelry Annex.

6.3 Temporary carpark near Old Asian Studies, off Fellows Road: This carpark will be closed when the Baldessin Parking Station opens.

During the ensuing discussion, the President of the ANUSA indicated a number of things - he feels the cost of providing parking spaces to replace those lost to the construction of new buildings should not be passed on to current users but should be funded from the Capital Management Plan; he doesn't consider the University is managing the carparking situation very well in that demand is much higher than supply; about 300 more parking spaces are going to be lost over the next three years. He would like the PRG to pursue the following motion with Finance Committee:

'that when a new building is constructed and as a consequence parking spaces are lost, that building project budget should finance any necessary replacement parking spaces'
Mr Williams indicated that this matter had been considered several times previously by Finance Committee and Council and the present arrangements confirmed; that carparking spaces, facilities and administration should continue to be self funding from permits and other revenue. There were basically two arguments for this:

· the University is not obliged to offer parking facilities to staff and students
· carparking costs have a low priority compared to other building needs

In the ensuing discussion, the following views were expressed:

· there would be problems/arguments about the length of time involved in paying off a parking structure and as such determining the cost to the building project would be difficult
· it would be argued that research facilities have a much higher priority than car parking spaces, given that building funds come from the CMP
· if building projects had to bear the cost of replacement parking, would the buildings actually be constructed
· it is the Division's experience that almost all new buildings have been filled to capacity upon completion (or at least have space committed, eg Innovations Building)
· there has been a policy for the last eight years that parking structures are to be constructed on the periphery of the campus
· parking on this campus is much cheaper than anywhere else in the vicinity, particularly the city centre.

There was no consensus in the Group on this matter.

It was agreed to note that the President, ANUSA had raised this issue with the Group and that he would pursue with Finance Committee.

7. Campus Development Guide - statement on Parking and Traffic

Discussion on this issue will be held over to the next meeting.

The Campus Development Guide is a compilation of existing policies from a variety of different areas. The Guide will be a single reference document replacing all other policy documents including the Development Policy Plan. The statement on Parking and Traffic to be included in the guide will again be attached for consideration.

8. Proposed amendment to the ANU Parking and Traffic Statute

Discussion on this issue will be held over to the next meeting. A memorandum dated 8 March 2001 from the Manager, Security and Campus Services to the Director of the Division will again be attached.

Mr Chryss did indicate however, in response to Ms Humphreys tabling two letters relating to 'due date' payment problems, that one of the proposed amendments to the Parking and Traffic Statute would rectify this situation.

9. CCTV program - work proposed in the near future in carparks

Discussion on this issue will be held over to the next meeting.

10. Meetings of related Committees - for noting

Discussion on this issue will be held over to the next meeting.

10.1 Cyclists Reference Group - the minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 8 March 2001 will again be attached

10.2 Motorcyclists Reference Group - the minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 20 February 2001 will again be attached.

11. Possible concessional parking permit fee for Visiting Staff

Discussion on this issue will be held over to the next meeting and Mr Williams' email will be attached.

12. Other business

13. Date of next meeting (to be determined)

Ms Mitchell will schedule the next meeting of the Committee for the week beginning 4 June 2001.

bm:10 May 2001: