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Lancashire District,
North West District


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   Titles and History
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  1905.02 Lancashire Grouped Regimental District
formed in Western Command with HQ at Preston, encompassing Lancashire and Isle of Man (transferred from NW District)
  1907.11.27 No. 3 Grouped Regimental District
Cumberland and Westmoreland transferred from Border Dist
1920 East Lancashire Area
reorganised in Western Command to encompass counties of Cumberland, Westmorland and parts of Lancashire north of the River Ribble and eastern county south of the river (commanded by GOC 42nd Div at Preston); other parts of Lancashire transferred to Western Lancashire Area
1940? East Lancs Area subdivided into sub areas and annexed salient of Cheshire:
  • Lancaster and Barrow Sub Area
  • Carlisle Sub Area
  • Preston Sub Area
  • Blackpool Garrison
  • Manchester Sub Area
1941.08.14 Regtal Dists closed, and Infantry Training Centres formed at command level:
1944 North West District
formed in Western Command with HQ at Preston by amalgamation with West Lancs Dist for troop administration in Lancashire, Isle of Man, Cheshire, and High Peak District of Derbyshire; Cumberland and Westmorland transferred to Northumbrian District
1946.10.28 training functions transferred to D Group and Infantry Training Centre (K O R Regt, Lancs Fus, E Lancs Regt, Border Regt, N Lancs Regt, Manchester Regt), and K Group and Infantry Training Centre (Cheshire Regt), and Primary Training Centres established in locations of old regimental depots (using old district numbers) to carry out initial recruit training
  1948.07.01 D Group redesignated Lancastrian Brigade
  1948 PTCs closed, and all training taken over by Brigade Infantry Training Centres
  1951 ITCs closed and training resumed at old regimental depot PTCs
  1959 regimental depots closed, and training resumed by Brigade Infantry Training Centres
  1961 42nd (Lancashire) Division/North West District
HQ at Bamber Bridge, Preston
1968? North West District
  1972.04. transferred to UK Land Forces and absorbed Cumbria from North East Dist
1995.04.01 amalgamated with Western District and Wales, to form 5th Division
   Forces Under Command
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  GOC, North West District:
  Maj-Gen. V. Blomfeld, CB, DSO
1953.12.14 Maj-Gen. W. H. Stratton, CB, CVO, CBE, DSO
  Maj-Gen. E. M. Bastyan, CBE, CBE
1955.03.25 Brig. (Temp. Maj-Gen.) W. R. Cox, DSO
    Maj-Gen. H. E. N. Bredin, DSO, MC
1968.02.28 Maj-Gen. C. W. Dunbar, CBE
  1977.03.19 Maj-Gen. P.F.A. Sibbald, OBE
    Maj-Gen. W. M. E. Hicks, CB, OBE
1983.04.28 Maj-Gen. P. M. Davies, OBE

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