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Trade Matters


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Most of the resources you see on this Trade Matters web site are available in a very attractive activist toolkit. Order a complimentary toolkit for yourself or additional copies for only $5 each to distribute in your community. More


NH Legislature Passes Trade Resolution

Stafford county job loss protester

Both Houses of the New Hampshire state legislature have adopted resolutions which instruct federal trade negotiators to consult with them before completing new trade agreements whose provisions affect the traditional authority of state and local governments. More



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Trade and War in Colombia

Afro-Colombian portrait

Economic and military systems are closely linked. In AFSC's new Trade and War web feature, you'll get details about those links, with Colombia as a case-in-point. A slideshow on the situation in Colombia, along with a new popular education piece, illustrate how trade agreements—and, more generally, the increasingly global economy-can spur violence and war . Visit


Rethinking US Trade Policy

Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH)

Listen to the Congressional briefing organized by AFSC and the Interfaith Working Group on Trade and Investment to learn how the debate around trade should be expanded. More

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Trade Matters

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