Later today, Gerry and Seány must choose two other housemates to nominate alongside them. To help make this decision, Gerry and Seány must interview each of their fellow housemates in the Big Brother Board Room.

Each housemate will have a maximum of five minutes to tell Gerry and Seány why they think they deserve the right to nominate.

Gerry and Seány's decision will be final.

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The rules state that Gerry and Seány must remain in the Board Room until all housemates have been interviewed; Big Brother will call housemates to the Board Room in alphabetical order; Gerry and Seány must interview each housemate for a maximum of five minutes; a bell will sound to indicate when each interviewee's five minutes is up; the interviews are about suitability as a nominator and not about who the housemates might nominate (Big Brother takes the breaking of this rule very seriously). In addition, the selection of each housemate must be a joint decision and Gerry and Seány must not reveal their decision to their fellow housemates until instructed to do so by Big Brother.

Time to brush up on your interview technique, housemates!