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»Elevator Action
  "Ellelator go down the hole!"

Graphics: 6

Gameplay: 7

Sound: 7

Value: 8
Elevator Action has been around for years. Originally an arcade coin op from the early 80s, this classic has seen many different incarnations, though few have experienced any real success. Elevator Action follows the story of a secret agent who must infiltrate a thirty story building, and locate the secret documents hidden behind the different doors noted with an exclamation point. Once the secret agent has all the documents, he must reach the basement floor, where his female companion is waiting with the car for the getaway.

Of course, getting down is the fun part. The player starts with a standard pistol, but can upgrade his weapon, or downgrade, by stepping into different doors marked with a question mark. Depending on the characters score, the player is awarded with a shotgun, machine gun, grenades, extra health, or the original pistol. Unfortunately, this can be a mixed blessing, as a player can go from any weapon to any weapon, including going from a great gun like the shotgun back to the basic pistol.

Enemies are infinite. They will bust out of doors, take stairs, and hop elevators to try to get to the player in an effort to shoot him. They’ll die with a single gun blast and usually aren’t very intelligent about shooting the player. Bullets can be ducked under or jumped over, and it is only very rarely that an enemy will crouch to shoot at the player. All enemies use the same basic pistol the player does, and fire only a single shot every so many seconds, or they’re dogs that just run at you. They’re not difficult, they just outnumber you.

While the enemies aren’t so powerful, the puzzling aspect can be interesting. The player can ride elevators, take stairs, or even jump down garbage chutes to get farther down the level. In fact, if the player ends up in a real bind, there’s even the option to jump down any nearby open elevator shafts, though he won’t survive a fall further than a single floor. Riding the tops of elevators is also a viable method of getting down, though it is possible to get squashed if you’re not careful.

Overall, the weapons offer a decent variety for the player. The pistol is a useful gun, though it has a very slow rate of fire. Still, it’s better than nothing. The shotgun and machine gun are also very good choices in the game. Unfortunately, this is about it. Grenades are a joke, have horrible fire rates, are very likely to hurt the player, and don’t always explode when needed. They’re practically useless. Jump kicking, which is done my simply jumping in an enemy’s direction, is a better option than using grenades. Squashing enemies using the elevator is also a better option, as it’s actually pretty funny. Almost all the weapons are good with the one exception of grenades. It really is too bad.

The sound is ok. Not great, but it gets the job done. There’s also very little actual music in the game. In fact, there’s really only one actual track. But hey, it’s a catchy one, at least, so the player has something decent to listen to. Sound effects for several of the weapons are extremely well done, though the pistol leaves a bit to be desired. I’d like to mention that the sound at the very beginning of the game isn’t very good.

Graphically, the game is functional. It’s not great; it doesn’t do anything visually stunning. If there’s too many enemies on the screen, sprites will start turning invisible, but it’s serviceable. Weapons look like weapons, doors look like doors. There’s nothing spectacular here.

As for replay, Elevator Action is addictive. You play it, and you want more. Unfortunately, the level design is pretty much always the same. Sure, there’s some difference due to enemies stepping out of random doors, but there’s no real reason to come back. Except that it calls you to come back. It wants you to. It needs you to. Elevator Action will take your soul…

Article by:
Posted on: Feb. 5th, 2006

     Review Recap
It’s the same thing over and over again. Sure it’s fun at first, but it’s really repetitive, and not that difficult.

Nothing all that spectacular. But still, it is livable.

Sound is pretty good. It just needs more than one music track. Sound effects are great.

 Replay Value
Must…play….Elevator Action…


Platform: Game Boy
Genre: Action
Developer: Taito
Publisher: Sunsoft
Release Date:
Save Type: 1 Slot
Players: 1


Title Screen

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