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Workshops and Chair Persons
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Eleventh International Conference on
Computer Aided Systems Theory

February 12-16, 2007


Systems Theory and Simulation: formal approaches
Chairmen: Pichler (Linz), Moreno-Díaz (Las Palmas)
Computation and Simulation in Modelling Biological Systems
Chairman: Ricciardi (Napoli)
Intelligent Information Processing
Chairman: Freire (A Coruña)
Computers in Education
Chairman: Martín-Rubio (Murcia)
Grid Computing
Chairman: Volkert (Linz)
Applied Formal Verification
Chairman: Biere (Linz)
Cellular Automata
Chairmen: Vollmar (Karlsruhe)
Computer Vision and Computer Vision Based Mixed Reality
Chairmen: Burger (Hagenberg), Álvarez (Las Palmas)
Heurist Problem Solving
Chairmen: Affenzeller (Hagenberg)
Signal Processing Architectures
Chairmen: Huemer (Erlangen), Müller-Wipperf├╝rth (Hagenberg)
Robotics and Robotic Soccer
Chairmen: Kopacek (Wien)
Cybercars and Intelligent Vehicles
Chairmen: Parent (Paris), García-Rosa (Madrid)

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Invited Lectures

Cyber Art and Cybernetics by Prof. Peter Weibel - ZKM Center for Art and Media - Karlsruhe, Germany

Human Drivers, what for? by Prof. Ricardo García Rosa - Institute of Industrial Automatics - Madrid, Spain

Testing Telecommunication Software with Quick Check by Prof. Thomas Arts - IT University of Göteborg - Göteborg, Sweden

International Workshop Program Advisory Committee

Albrecht (Austria), Arts (Sweden), Barreiro (Spain), Brauer (Germany), Brown (Australia), Buchberger (Austria), Dawson (Australia), Egiazarian (Finland), Ida (Japan), Klir (USA), Laurgeau (France), Marik (Czech Republik), Massey (Denmark), Mira (Spain), Miró (Spain), Mulak (Poland), Nobile (Italy), Nunes (Portugal), Rattray (UK), Rav (France), Reusch (Germany), Roszenich (Austria), Rozenblit (USA), Sato (Japan), Schimanovich (Austria), Schwärtzel (Germany), Takahara (Japan), Wunsch (Germany), Zeigler (USA).

Deadline for Extended Abstracts:

An extended two pages abstract, including references in English with indication of the workshop of the intended contribution must be sent by e-mail before October, 31, 2006 to the Organizing Comitee Chairman.

For the extended abstract, you must follow instructions in Information for LNCS Authors (Default Author Instructions)

Authors will be notified of acceptance by December 1, 2006. It is anticipated that the final selected full papers will be published in line with prior Eurocast meetings (Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science No 410, No 585, No 763, No 1030, No 1333, No 1798, No 2178, No 2809 and No 3643). Full papers for publication are required before April 30, 2007.

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