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Parents Television Council Presents:

Worst TV Show of the Week 

Family Guy on FOX

By Aubree Bowling

This animated series is decidedly not for children – though children may be tempted to watch. Nearly every second of the May 1 episode of Family Guy was offensive – from the assaults on Catholicism, to inappropriate jokes about sex and excrement, making it an easy choice for Worst of the Week.

One of the most outrageously offensive scenes includes a parody of the classic children's tale of Pinocchio in which Geppetto bends over with his buttocks in front of Pinocchio's nose, then tries to get Pinocchio to lie, so that his nose will grow and, viewers are led to conclude, penetrate his anus. There are also several scenes depicting Peter and Lois having sex and Peter in the nude with his belly obscuring his genitals from view.

Not satisfied with offending viewers with the offensive sexual content, the producers also sought to make fun of religion. Peter and Lois discover a video tape copy of Mel Gibson's sequel to The Passion of the Christ, which is about Jesus in a buddy cop movie. Jesus is shown firing weapons and being offered marijuana by his partner. The tagline says: "Let he who is without sin kick the first ass."

There is nothing redeeming about this series, yet Fox has decided to inflict it once again on television audiences. Parents should be aware that even though it is animated and has "Family" in the title, this series is absolutely not safe for child consumption.

Worst TV Show of the Week

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