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Who were Amin's victims?
By Siraje K. Lubwama and Halima Abdallah

Idi Amin's regime was a reign of terror which claimed nearly half a million people. The Monitor's Siraje K. Lubwama and Halima Abdallah compiled some of the prominent victims.

Jimmy Parma a photographer with the Voice of Uganda was murdered after he took pictures of Bloch's body. His body was found riddled with bullets and lacerated by knife wounds.

Col. Isaac Maliyamungu

Ms Theresa Nanziri Bukeny; Warden of Africa Hall, Makerere University.

Benedict Kiwanuka; Democratic Party leader, first Prime minister of Uganda and Chief Justice at the time of his death. Kiwanuka had angered Amin by releasing a European, for lack of evidence, on the ridiculous charge of stealing a telephone directory from a hotel.

Janan Luwum; Anglican Archbishop

Alex Ojera; Obote's Minister of Information.

Francis Walugembe; Kabaka's Minister of Natural Resources and former Mayor Masaka under Obote.

Mrs Pierino Okoya

Ahmed Oduka; bandmaster in the police.

N. Stroh; American Journalist.

R. Seidle lecturer; Makerere University,

Michael Kaggwa; President of Industrial court.

Frank Kalimuzo; Vice Chancellor of Makerere

John Kalema; Obote's Minister of Commerce and Industry.

Basil Bataringaya; Obote's Minister of Internal Affairs

N. Bananuka; UPC Secretary of Ankole district.

Dr. F.G Ssembeguya; Member of Parliament

Joseph Mubiru; Governor Bank of Uganda.

L. Ssebanakitta; Kabaka's right hand man and Principal Chief in Buganda.

Godfrey Kiggala; Foreign Service official -murdered presumably because of an affair with one of Amin's secret mistress

Fabian Okware; Commissioner of Prisons under Obote, Amin's Minister of Agriculture.

Mohammed Hassan; Chief of CID under Obote

Brig. Hussein; Deputy to Amin at the time of coup

Ms. Edith Bataringaya; Wife of Basil Bataringaya murdered three years after her husband.

Fr. Clement Kiggundu; Editor of Muno newspaper.

Professor Emiru; Government Consultant physician.

'Jolly Joe' J.W. Kiwanuka. Journalist, MP and former president of Uganda National Congress

Tidhimulala; Corporation Secretary of the National Insurance Corporation.

Shaban Nkutu; Obote's minister of Works

Picho Ali; Obote's Secretary of Research

John Kakonge; Minister of Agriculture in Obote's government

Henry Kagoda; Commissioner

Martin Okello; DP Member of Parliament

Bryon Kawadwa; Playwright, Artiste and director of National Theater

James Bwogi; Director UTV

E.W. Nakubinge; Mayor Kampala

Henry Berunga; Regional Director of East African Railways

Patrick Ruhinda; Barrister

Peter Oketta; Asst. Commissioner of Prisons

Martin Rubanga; Secretary Defence

Leonard Kigonya; Commissioner of Prisons

Lt. Col. Lugonya; Uganda Army H.Q.

Elizabeth Mawagi; Lawyer

David Ocaya; Corporation Secretary, Lint Marketing Board

M. Omuge; UTV

Augustine Kamya; Founder of the National Movement that organized the economic boycott of the late 1950s

Lt. Col. Abwola; Uganda Army

James Ochola; Obote's Minister for Local Government

Joshua Wakholi; Obote's minister public service

Haji Ali Kisekka; Pioneer Journalist, Deputy Minister in the East African Community

Anil Clerk; Lawyer

Dr. G. Ebine; Physician

Michael Ondonga; Foreign Minister in Amin's Government

Brig. Charles Arube; Sandhusrt trained officer from Kakwa tribe

Capt. Sam Aswa; Radio Journalist

Lt. Col. Valentine Ochima; Amin's ADC

Norah Amin; Divorced Langi

Kay Adroa Amin; Divorced wife and blood relative to Amin

Brig. Smutts Guwedeko; Alleged compliance in Okoya murder

Lt. Col. Toloko; Close confidant of Amin, alleged to have masterminded several murders

Capt. Avudria; Uganda Army.

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Listen to Amin speaking.

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