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About University of Phoenix

Beginning in the early 1970s University of Phoenix reinvented the way in which working adults could achieve a higher education and made academic innovation, quality and accountability its hallmark. It pioneered an educational and service model specifically geared toward the way adults learn best and made its programs widely available to working students using common-sense scheduling and fresh new approaches to academic delivery.

University of Phoenix questioned the status-quo in every aspect of its academic culture and operation, because it was on a mission to be a university where teaching and learning is the center-piece and adult learners are the highest priority. This revolutionary approach extended to the University's early decision to organize as a for-profit entity, an act that has propelled its growth, widened its outreach to students both nationally and internationally and provides the resources for continuous improvement, academic accountability and assessment, and excellence in its classrooms.

The University has received national recognition for excellence in learning assessment, online learning, undergraduate education, quality service and organizational performance. University of Phoenix is truly a different kind of university, whose time has come. Just ask its 17,000 faculty, and staff who are passionately dedicated to teaching and serving the University's 200,000 adult students enrolled on campuses and online throughout North America.