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The Space Quest 7 Project

Welcome to the home of the Space Quest 7 project, a fan sequel to original Space Quest series.

Space Quest was a popular adventure game in the 80s and early 90s before the project was scrapped in 1997. There were six games in all, from Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter in 1986, to Space Quest 6: The Spinal Frontier in 1995. This project is an attempt to resurrect the series after a six-year absence.

While there have been several corporate attempts to restart the Space Quest series, each project has been cancelled, and the funding pulled. Adventure Games simply do not make enough money to justify the cost of their development for most game houses.

We've realized that community-based effort, under an Open-Source license is our best hope for seeing Roger alive for one more mission.

Feel Free to examine our site, post to a forum or two, and join the community. We'd love to see you around!

Download the SQ7 teaser trailer, as well as other cool stuff in the releases section.

Meet the man behind the mop. Take a trip through the Space Quest universe.

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