International Workshop on Particle Physics and the Early Universe
Chicago, September 2002

Parallel Schedule
Each talk is 15 minutes (plus 5 for questions)

Thursday: Inflation -- Neutrinos and Cosmic Rays -- DM Experiment -- Dark Energy and Quantum Gravity

Friday: Late Universe -- DM Theory -- Baryogenesis and Phase Transitions -- Strings and Extra Dimensions

Parallel Sessions: Thursday Afternoon, September 19


Convener: Andrew Liddle (Sussex)

William Kinney (Columbia) Flow in inflation
Malcolm Fairbairn (Universite Libre de Bruxelles) Inflation from a Tachyon Fluid
David Lyth (Lancaster) The curvaton paradigm for the origin of structure
Karim Malik (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris) Curvature Perturbations and the Curvaton
Rudnei Ramos (Rio de Janeiro State University) Equilibration, Thermalization and Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Quantum Systems
Shinta Kasuya (Helsinki) Reheating through the surface of inflaton lumps (PRL 89, 091301 (2002) and PRD 66, 043505 (2002))
Antonio L. Maroto (Madrid) Cosmological relics from metric perturbations
Jens Niemeyer (Max Planck Astrophysik) Minimal power spectrum modifications from a high-energy cutoff (hep-th/0206149)
Lam Hui (Fermilab / Columbia) Short Distance Physics and the Consistency Relation

Neutrinos and Cosmic Rays

Convener: Ray Volkas (Melbourne)

Dan Hooper (Wisconsin, Madison) Neutrinos Associated With Cosmic Rays of Top-Down Origin
Joachim Wolf(Karlsruhe) The KATRIN Neutrino Mass Experiment
Francesc Ferrer (Oxford) The sky distribution of UHECRs: clues to their origin
Jonathan Feng (California, Irvine) Cosmic neutrinos and microscopic black holes
Jes Madsen (Aarhus) Strangelets as ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
Nicole Bell (Fermilab) Cosmological Lepton Number Constraints from Neutrino Flavour Transformation
Chung-Pei Ma (Berkeley) Neutrino Clustering and Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays
Kev Abazajian (Fermilab) Telling Three from Four Neutrinos with Cosmology
Stephen Parke (Fermilab) CP Violation in the Lepton Sector

Dark Matter Experiment

Convener: Dan Akerib (Case Western)

Daniel Snowden-Ifft (Occidental College) The DRIFT Dark Matter Detector
Riccardo Cerulli (Rome) DAMA results and perspective for LIBRA
Thushara Perera (Case Western) Present Results and Future Goals of the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search
Hanguo Wang (UCLA) The ZEPLIN II Liquid Xenon Dark Matter Detector
Steve Asztalos (MIT) The U.S. dark matter axion search
Carlos P. de los Heros (Uppsala) Dark Matter Searches with the AMANDA/IceCube detectors: results and perspectives
Paschal Coyle (CPPM, Marseille) Lower limit on the neutralino mass from LEP
Argyro Tasitsiomi (Chicago) The detectability of neutralino clumps via ACTs
Ivone Albuquerque (LBL) Detecting superheavy dark matter

Dark Energy and Quantum Gravity

Convener: Laura Mersini (Syracuse/Pisa)

Leonard Parker (Wisconsin, Milwaukee) Acceleration Through Transition to Constant Scalar Curvature: Current Observational Status
Matthew Lewis (Michigan) Cardassian Expansion: a Universe that is Flat, Matter Dominated, and Accelerating
Christian Armendariz-Picon (Chicago) The imprint of a time-evolving scalar field on atomic spectra (astro-ph/0205187)
Patrick Greene (Fermilab) Everpresent Lambda
Mar Bastero-Gil (Sussex) Transplanckian dark energy and the coincidence problem
Robert Caldwell (Dartmouth) Physics of Vacuum Energy
John Terning (Los Alamos) Dimming Supernovae via Axions
Maxim Perelstein (LBL) Domain Walls as Dark Energy (see also astro-ph/0205520)
Mark Hoffman (Chicago) Can w be less than -1?

Parallel Sessions: Friday Afternoon, September 20

Late Universe Cosmology

Convener: Chung-Pei Ma (Berkeley)

Edward Baltz (Columbia) Results from a HST Microlensing Survey of M87
Andrew R. Zentner (Ohio State) Dark halo densities, substructure, and the primordial power spectrum
Edmund Bertschinger (MIT) The Structure of Dark Matter Halos
Ryan Scranton (Chicago) New Angular Clustering Results from the SDSS
Jim Annis (Fermilab) SDSS Cluster Abundance and Cosmological Implications
Adrian Melott (Kansas) Galaxy Cluster Correlations and Large-Scale Structure
Mikhail Medvedev (Kansas) How large thermal conduction in clusters of galaxies can be?
Scott Burles (MIT) Deuterium and Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Manoj Kaplinghat (California, Davis) Probing the dark ages with CMB polarization observations (astro-ph/0207591)

Dark Matter Theory

Convener: Richard Arnowitt / Bhaskar Dutta (Texas A&M)

Raoul Viollier (Cape Town) Unified Description of Dark Matter at the Center and in the Halo of the Galaxy
Richard H. Cyburt (Urbana) Probing Dark Matter with Primordial Nucleosynthesis and the Microwave Background (see also astro-ph/0105397)
Lian-Tao Wang (Michigan) Supersymmetric Dark matter and the Cosmic Ray Positron Excess
Vasiliki Pavlidou (Urbana) Baryon-Interacting Dark Matter: Cosmic-ray and Nucleosynthesis Constraints
Emmanuel Nezri (Clermont / Marseille) Indirect detection of neutralino dark matter in (non) universal models
Nicolao Fornengo (Torino) Dark relics in Supersymmetry
Alessandro Melchiorri (Oxford) New Constraints on Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Patrick Crotty (Chicago) High-energy neutrino fluxes from supermassive dark matter
Laura Covi (DESY) Bounds on T_R from axino CDM (hep-ph/0206119)

Baryogenesis and Phase Transitions

Convener: Antonio Riotto (Padova)

Roberta Arcidiacono (CERN) A new measurement of direct CP violation in the Kaon system from NA48
Mariano Quiros (Madrid) Baryogenesis in the MSSM
Geraldine Servant (Chicago / Argonne) Testing Friedmann equation at LHC (Tevatron)... (hep-ph/0112209)
Fuminobu Takahashi (Tokyo) Large neutrino asymmetries from Affleck-Dine mechanism (hep-ph/0205101)
Pasquale Di Bari (UAB, Barcelona) Leptogenesis bound on neutrino masses
Alejandro Ibarra (Oxford) Leptogenesis and low energy phases
Xinmin Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Dark Energy and Leptogenesis
Matthew R. Martin (Carnegie Mellon) Radion Induced Baryogenesis (hep-ph/0211372)
Antal Jakovac (CERN) Quantum corrections to Boltzmann equations

Strings and Extra Dimensions

Convener: Csaba Csaki (Cornell)

Gary Shiu (Wisconsin, Madison) Tachyon Matter and Brane Cosmology
Albion Lawrence (Brandeis) Signatures of short distance physics in the CMBR
Bhaskar Dutta (Texas A&M) Cosmology of Horava-Witten M theory
Christophe Grojean (CEA Saclay) Gravitational Lorentz violations in Brane-Worlds
Hael Collins (Carnegie Mellon) Radion-Induced Brane Preheating
Arthur Lue (New York University) DGP Braneworlds and Metastable Gravitons: The Cosmological Picture
Andrei Frolov (CITA) Gravitational perturbations from brane-world inflation (see also hep-th/0209133)
Tim Tait (Argonne) Is the LKP (Lightest Kaluza-Klein Particle) a viable dark matter candidate?
Alfred Shapere (Kentucky) Black Hole Production by Cosmic Rays

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