International Workshop on Particle Physics and the Early Universe
Chicago, September 2002

Eposter Schedule

Wednesday 18 September and Thursday 19 September

Andrew Mennim (DAMTP, Cambridge) Cosmological Tensor Perturbations in Brane Models
Andrew Zentner (Ohio State University) Dark Halo Densities, Substructure, and the Primordial Power Spectrum
Andrew Tolley (DAMTP, Cambridge) Quantum Fields in a Big Crunch/Big Bang Spacetime
Anthony Aguirre (IAS) Inflation without a Beginning
Kristin Burgess (MIT) Characterizing the Lyman-alpha Forest
Christopher Gordon (DAMTP, Cambridge) Cosmological Perturbations Through a General Relativistic Bounce
Daisuke Nagai (University of Chicago) High-resolution Simulations of Clusters of Galaxies
Jose Blanco-Pillado (DAMTP, Cambridge) The Colliding Bubble Braneworld Universe
Juan Lara (University of Texas) Neutrino Heating in an Inhomogneous Big Bang Nucleosynthesis Model
Tim McKay (University of Michigan Mapping the Expansion History of the Universe

Friday 20 September and Saturday 21 September

Kenji Kadota (U. California, Berkeley) Supergravity Inflation Free from Harmful Relics
Martin Bojowald (Penn. State University) Quantum Geometry, Inflation and a Small Cosmological Constant
Ramin Daghigh (University of Minnesota) High Temperature Matter and Gamma Ray Spectra from Exploding Microscopic Black Holes
Richard Talaga (Argonne) Observatory for Multiflavor Neutrinos from Supernovae (OMNIS): A Proposed Facility
Scott Watson (Brown University) Brane Gas Cosmology
Jun Zhang (Columbia University) Intrinsic/Extrinsic Density-Ellipticity Correlations and Galaxy-Galaxy Lensing
Tirthankar Choudhury (IUCAA, Pune) Semi-Analytic Modelling of the Low-Density Intergalactic Medium
Vasiliki Pavlidou (U. Illinois, Urbana) Cosmic Rays, Cosmic Star Formation, and the Extragalactic Gamma Ray Background
Wayne Lundberg (University of Dayton) Architecture of a Comprehensive Theory
Xuelei Chen (KITP / UCSB) Cosmological Constraint on Dark Matter-Baryon Interaction

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