DVD Reviews

By Brakhage – An Anthology

A DVD review by Liza Palmer.

Hiroshima mon amour

A review by Ulf Zander.

I Am Curious / Jag är nyfiken

On April 9th, 2006, Swedish director Vilgot Sjöman passed away. He was 82. In this review from Film International #5, Anders Åberg, author of Tabu: Filmaren Vilgot Sjöman (Filmhäftet), reviews the Criterion Collection's edition of I Am Curious Yellow/Blue - Sjöman's internationally most well-known films.

The Leopard / Il Gattopardo

A review by Gillian B. Anderson.

2 x Maya Deren

Moira Sullivan reviews a collection of films by Maya Deren, and watches the documentary In the Mirror of Maya Deren.

3 x Federico Fellini

Mats Rohdin reviews three Fellini DVDs - La Strada, Nights of Cabiria, and .

2 x Barbet Schroeder

Kevin J. Donnelly reviews two DVDs by Barbet Schroeder - More and
General Idi Amin Dada (A Self-Portrait).

4 x Otto Preminger

Chris Fujiwara takes on four films directed by Otto Preminger - Fallen Angel, Whirlpool, Where the Sidewalk Ends, and Carmen Jones.
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