MX510 + Wingman = WingmanMX!

Can't let go of your old trustee Logitech Wingman mouse? Neither can I. The reason for me to do this modifycation was because the ball system in my mouse stopped working. Next to that I couldn't find a single mouse with an equal shape as the wingman. I tried diffirent mices and they were all either to big, to heavy and/or to small. Plus most of them gave me like instant RSI while trying to use them for longer then 2 minutes.

Luckily I remembered seeing a wingman mod done before by Viftman. He succesfully modded an MS Intelli Explorer 3.0 into his wingman. So why this guide then? To keep it short; I screwed up the main print of the MS 3.0,that a friend gave me, with a too big soldering iron. I started doing that mod late in the evening and wanted to finnish it before I went to bed. Now I had a problem since the MS 3.0 was broken and I couldn't find a new one in The Netherlands anymore :'(. So I had to find a solution and I decided to buy a Logitech MX510 and take it slow this time...

Note: Credits go to Viftman for the original idea.

Onto the modding
Unfortunately I did not have a digital camera available at the time of the modding so I can't make this a fully detailed step by step guide. Instead this will be a rough guide line how it would be possible to do.

First disassemble both mice. The screws of the MX510 can be found under the mouse skates. Cut out the middle part, where the laser of the MX510 fals in, out of the bottom of the MX510 and fit it into the bottom of the wingman like shown on the picture(s) to the right. I did it with a dremel. I glued both parts together with 2-component.

Next part is the electronics. From the MX510 you'll only need the big main print with the optical eye on it and the little connector that connects the main print with the print that has the scrollwheel on it. From the Wingman you only need the top half with the buttons on it (see picture. I removed the buttons here to put new ones on. A better view of what part you need can be seen at the wiring section further below). You probably also need to dremel away some corners of the MX510 print. Adjust it to your needs till it fits in.

For the wiring I used the little connector that used to connect the main print to the little print with the scrollwheel to save me soldering (I'm so lazy :P). Cut it off as far as possible at the scrollwheel print side. This should safe you extending all wires and just having to do the red one. I kept all wire colours equal to the ones on the connector so should be easy to copy (with exception of the 1 white wire that extends the yellow one to all middle pins of the buttons. I ninja MS Painted it a bit yellow). Tip: You could use one of the USB cables that you won't use anymore for the wires.
Note: You could also extend the yellow wire 3 times to each middle pin of the buttons or do it like I did.

End Result
Close it up and you're ready to rock!

For some reason I couldn't take a sharp picture of it, but you get the idea :).

Have any questions or found any spelling errors. Mail:
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