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The state of the forest: Indonesia

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Full text
(22,502 KB)

Full text (zipped)
(14,186 KB)

Fact Sheet
(35 KB)
Summary facts about forest resources in Indonesia as of April 2002.

Table of contents
(45 KB)
Table of contents

(40 KB)

(44 KB)
Forword written by Togu Manurung, Director, Forest Watch Indonesia and Johnathan Lash, President of World Resources Institute

Key Findings
(52 KB)
Outlines five key findings about the state of Indonesia's forests.

Chapter 1: Indonesia's Forests: What is at Stake?
(873 KB)
Describes Indonesia's forests, including biodiversity, habitat loss and fragmentation, non-timber and timber products. Highlights some of the threats facing the forests.

Chapter 2: Forest cover, change and condition
(618 KB)
Discusses the Indonesian Forest Service vegetation map of 1950 and looks at the deforestation and change that has occurred since then. Looks at the loss of lowland and mangrove forests. Discusses "official" and "actual" forest cover.

Chapter 3: Deforestation and forest degradation
(1,237 KB)
Outlines how deforestation in Indonesia is largely the result of a corrupt political and economic system that regarded natural resources, especially forests, as a source of revenue to be exploited for political ends and personal gain.

Chapter 4: Forest and land fires
(342 KB)
One of the most visible results of the 30-year spiral of forest mismanagement has been the increasing frequency and intensity of forest and land fires, particularly on Kalimantan and Sumatra. This chapter looks at the fires and their aftermath.

Chapter 5: The prospects for forest reform policy
(378 KB)
Summarizes the current policy and institutional environment in which decisions must be made and action within the next few years if Indonesia is to preserve any significant part of its natural forest ecosystems.

(65 KB)

Annex 1: Guest commentary on data difficulties
(77 KB)
Tim Brown and David W. Brown , experienced researchers in the field of Indonesian forests, discuss the difficulties of obtaining official data on Indonesian forests.

Annex 2: Tables
(101 KB)
Tables: Permanent forest status and actual forest cover 1997; Partial list of Suharto family logging and plantation companies; Concession area by region and province, 1985-1998.

Annex 3: Data source and technical notes
(0 KB)
Data source and technical notes for the report.

(74 KB)
Report notes.

(68 KB)
Glossary of terms and abbreviations used.

(16,292 KB)
Thirteen full-color, full page maps highlighting Indonesian forests and logging concessions.

Maps (zipped)
(8,321 KB)
Thirteen full-color, full-page maps highlighting Indonesian forests and logging concessions in zipped format.

Full text of Bahasa language version of the report (zipped)
(-616,985 KB)
A comprehensive, map-based analysis of the scale and pace of change affecting Indonesia's forests and the forces and actors that are driving deforestation -- turning Indonesia from a forest-rich country to a forest-poor country.

Ucapan Terimakasih
(114 KB)
Ucapan Terimakasih

Kata Pengantar
(127 KB)
Kata Pengantar

Pokok-Pokok Temuan
(140 KB)
Pokok-Pokok Temuan

Hutan-Hutan Indonesia: Apayang Dipertaruhkan?
(382 KB)
Hutan-Hutan Indonesia: Apayang Dipertaruhkan?

Kondisi Dan Perubahan Tutupan Hutan
(435 KB)
Kondisi Dan Perubahan Tutupan Hutan

Deforestasi Dan Degradasi Hutan
(812 KB)
Deforestasi Dan Degradasi Hutan

Kebakaran Hutan Dan Lahan
(371 KB)
Kebakaran Hutan Dan Lahan

Prospek Reformasi Kebijakan Kehutanan
(321 KB)
Prospek Reformasi Kebijakan Kehutanan

Daftar Istilah
(122 KB)
Daftar Istilah

Daftar Pustaka
(127 KB)
Daftar Pustaka

(134 KB)

Lampiran 1. Komentar mengenai Berbagai Kesulitan Data
(270 KB)
Lampiran 1. Komentar mengenai Berbagai Kesulitan Data

Lampiran 2. Tabel
(118 KB)
Lampiran 2. Tabel

Lampiran 3. Sumber-sumber Data dan Catatan Teknis
(133 KB)
Lampiran 3. Sumber-sumber Data dan Catatan Teknis

Lampiran Peta
(3,767 KB)
Lampiran Peta

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