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What’s Scouting got to do with the price of world steel?

Anyone who is planning to buy a new saucepan in the next few weeks should think again. It’s just not worth it - it will probably be more expensive that a few months ago. And the 21st World Scout Jamboree is to blame!

One of many lorriesIf you have ever prepared for a camp will know that you actually need a lot of kit. Tables, benches, stoves, frying pans, the list goes on. When you have thrown the last of your equipment, probably the bin bags and the washing-up bowl, into your van, you can set off for camp. Although you are already tired from lugging all that gear, you keep your fingers crossed that you haven’t forgotten anything.

Last week, in a huge barn in Essex, it was camp kit week but on a grand scale, as the Troop equipment for the Jamboree started to arrive. If you have even been tired from heaving four or five pans to camp, your heart must go out for the Jamboree team who just took delivery of 11,200 cooking pots. The delivery, which was mainly unloaded manually, was for the 3,200 Patrol boxes that need to be assembled before going to the Jamboree site at Hylands Park.

Jamboree Patrol kitTo give you an idea of the equipment arriving, here are just a few of the items on the Jamboree’s shopping list:

3,200 tables
6,400 benches
2,600 gas burners
11,200 cooking pots
3,200 plastic jugs
3,200 wooden spoons
8,400 kitchen knives
2,800 tin openers
2,800 bottles of washing-up liquid
and an amazing 38,400 bin bags

Scout Shops Ltd were in charge of sourcing the vast array of equipment. They reported that the cost of steel on the world market increased as a result of the Jamboree placing their order; an indication of just how many steel products have been purchased for the event. New saucepan buyers, you have been warned.

A World Scout Jamboree Patrol boxIn total, 169,400 items need to be packed into the 3,200 Patrol boxes. The mammoth task of putting the relevant amounts of stuff into each box will start at the beginning of the Jamboree site build and is expected to take about a week.

Then the Patrol boxes need to be put back onto lorries and taken to Hylands Park. A task that will take a mere fifteen 40-foot articulated lorries.

Most of these items, and a whole lot more, will be available to purchase after the Jamboree. For more information visit

If you would like more information on helping to build the World Scout Jamboree site visit:

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