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Latin Versions of Degree Parchments

The University of Edinburgh offers the opportunity for graduates to purchase a Latin version of their degree certificates as a unique memento of their studies at the university.

The Latin parchment replicates the traditional design of degree certificates issued by The University of Edinburgh up until 1989 and includes the following design features:

  • Printed on heavy parchment paper (42 cm x 30 cm).
  • Text printed in the traditional font.
  • Includes a leather University of Edinburgh seal.
  • The graduate’s name, degree details, thesis title (if applicable) and date of graduation are included on the parchment (as they are recorded on the original certificate).
  • The parchment is accompanied by a verified English translation.


          £23.50 for UK/EU graduates (i.e. £20.00 + VAT)
          £20.00 for non UK/EU graduates


  • Parchments can only be ordered by the graduate and not by a 3 rd party.
  • Latin Parchments are not valid degree certificates and the original English version degree certificate must be retained as the official record of a graduate’s degree.
  • Latin parchments are not available for Undergraduate/Postgraduate Certificates/Diplomas, PGCE/PGDE, awards of Edinburgh College of Art degrees.
  • Orders can only be placed for degrees which have been awarded in the last 2 academic sessions.
  • Orders are normally dispatched 6-8 weeks from when an order is received.
  • The University takes no responsibility for the loss of a parchment in the post.
  • Parchments produced by a Calligrapher are not available.
  • Some programme titles cannot be translated into Latin and are therefore printed in English within the Latin text.

If you wish to order a Latin parchment please complete the order form below.


If you require further information or wish to use an alternative method of payment please contact:

Examinations and Graduations Section
Telephone: 0131 651 4080

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