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clock May 11, 2007 11:00 pm US/Eastern

Local Woman Graces Philly Magazine Totally Nude


Susan Barnett

(CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA If you've seen the May issue of Philadelphia Magazine you may have done a double take. The woman on the cover is nude.

But as CBS 3's Susan Barnett reports, the local cover girl helps give meaning to this month's issue guide to perfect health.

It's a first for Philadelphia Magazine. A woman graces the cover completely uncovered.

31-year-old Issa Dixon of Narberth is a mother, businesswoman and the picture of beauty and health.

"I like that I look natural and I feel real in that picture I was very happy that day," Issa said.

Happy to be alive. You'd never guess from the photo that Issa a cancer survivor, diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 23.

"It was a spot on my skin that I'd had since birth and it had changed slightly and it was in an area that you don't see everyday and it was able to progress into a larger tumor," Issa said.

It took three surgeries to remove the tumor from Issa's buttocks. But today she feels fantastic.

"Having cancer at a young age you're not broken. You can look good and feel good," Issa said.

So much so, that she dared to go bare for the May issue, something she says she never dreamed she'd do.

"The whole nude thing, I don't know. It was really scary and I wouldn't have done it in any other situation. It was a closed set and it was with a photographer I really respect," Issa said.

Issa couldn't be more comfortable around the camera. She and her husband Trevor own the Philadelphia Photography studio. But the modeling has always been somebody else's job.

"I was really nervous but really excited that they asked me and kind of proud. I feel great and I want people who are in my situation to hear my story and know you can feel great and look great," Issa said.

And the picture tells the story.

Issa said she doesn't plan to pursue a career in modeling and if you're looking for Issa's story in the May issue of Philadelphia Magazine. You'll only find a brief mention in the editor's note.

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