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Great News - Oct 18, 2006
There is very exciting news regarding the future of Momo. Check this out!!! Respect to all who are making this possible!!

- MotoModders Administration


Driver Installation
I've just added a brand new guide to getting your phone connected and recognised to the knowledge base. If you have yet to mod your phone check this out first!

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Skin Install Guides - Dec 12
My friend and momo moderator IvanChe just wrote two new guides to intalling skins which I have added to the knowledge base - thanks Ivan!!!

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MotoModders Forum   

Subject: [STICKY]..::|| Getting Started on your V3i ||::..
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User is Offline NeoK182


If you can read this, i have too much free time
If you can read this, i have too much free time

03/05/2006 11:55 PM Alert 
..::|| Getting Started on Your V3i ||::..
A Guide for new Moto Modders on their V3i's
By: Neo-K 182

Well first things first, most of this isn't stuff I myself have come up with, but a complimation of different discoveries that people need to know when getting started on their V3i

First things first, WARNINGS.


1) ALWAYS Back up your phone before modding.
2) ALWAYS Mod your phone with a full battery
3) NEVER erase anything unless your 100% sure you can.
4) NEVER Flash your phone with a MP that you are not sure about.
5) THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT V3i's! iTunes and DAP! Use only the iTunes flashes with the iTunes version and DAP versions with the DAP version! if you try and use one with the other, YOU RISK BRICKING YOUR PHONE!!!

Now, onto the getting started guide.

I. Warming Up The Oven

Now that you've got your V3i, you've opened it and realized how much this makes your old V3 (or other phone) look like a peice of junk, it's time to start working on it. First things first, fully chage the battery all the way, but dont start putting anything into the phone like phone numbers, settings, ect.

Now that you've gotten your phone ready it's time to install some things.

Now, if you've already modded a moto before then you most likely already have these but for those of you who are just starting out i'm going to go over all of them here.

There is a large list of programs you'll need to install and you have to do them in EXACTLY this order. so here we go with another numbered list. (some of this is from initalD's post, much thanks to him for posting about this and all credit goes to him)

1) Install Motorola Mobile Phone Tools, you MUST have this to be able to connect the phone to the computer. Either the basic or deluxe versions will work. I personally recomend the deluxe version if you can get it.

2) Download Motorola iMega Pack from this LINK
Mod edit - link doesnt work, download:
p2k tools (latest version)
p2k man (old version)
p2k commander (latest version)

All of these are available in the downloads section

3) Download P2K Drivers version 2.9 from this LINK

4) Create a new folder called MoMo on your desktop and unzip/uncompress both the Motorola iMega Pack.rar and Motorola_Drivers_29.rar into this MoMo folder.

5) After unzipping/upcompressing the Motorola iMega Pack.rar file, you will see a file in the MoMo folder called Motorola iMega Pack.exe. Double click this file to install the Motorola iMega Pack.

6) If needed, change the phone's connectivity settings: (some V3i's will be set as memory card, some will be set as data/fax default)

Settings > connectivity > USB settings > default connection: Data/fax connection

7) Now, connect your V3i to the PC using the USB cable that came with it.

8) Once you do that, WindowsXP will launch the Found New Hardware wizard.
From here, just follow the wizard and when it ask for the locations of the appropriate drivers, just point it to the P2K drivers folder that is inside the MoMo folder (Desktop\Momo\P2K Drivers 2.9).

WindowsXP should detect the following hardwares:
Accessories Interface
Data Logging MCU Interface
Motorola Test Command

Phew, first hard part is done (yes I mean first). Now your phone is set up so you can access it through programs such as p2kTools, p2kman, and p2kCommander, as well as Mobile Phone Tools. But we have another thing we need to go over. Flashing.

Some of you may want to keep flashing your phone with the newest software updates, or eventually switching between the iTunes and DAP version of the phone (may be possible in the future) For this your going to need the following program:

RSD Lite 2.4 (or higher such as 2.5)

THIS PROGRAM IS WAREZ do not ask for it here or PM members for it. you can find it by searching on google or other means of finding programs. But that is all i'm allowed to say on it.

Using RSD Lite you will be able to flash your phone with software updates and any DRM hacks you may download.

Now how about onto the fun stuff aye?

II. Hard Parts Over

Well now that you've probably spent about 4 hours trying to go through all that, lets have some fun shall we?

Now the V3i already has about 12 MB of space internally, not to mention however much space you have in your memory card, from 16 MB all the way to 512 MB. But in case you either dont have a memory card or just want to free up some more room internally heres your guide for that:

Now, again before you do this, BACK UP EVERYTHING!!!!! Also by now some of you may have realized that the V3i has 3 drives, A, B, and C heres somewhat of an explanation.

A --> System files Part1
B --> Memory Card
C --> System Files Part2, and all user files

C is where you'll be putting skins, photos, ect. but we'll get to that a bit later. Right now were going to start you off on drive A. You have a lot of things you can erase here so heres the list of what you can erase and what they are.

All MMS files --> these are templates for the MMS system that arn't needed

All Shutter FIles --> these are the camera click sounds, if you dont want any sound erase them all, or just erase them all except the one you like.
WVIM files --> emocons for the web IM, again, not needed.

now onto drive C

wp_scarlet --> Scarlet wallpaper
wp_moto --> moto wallpaper
ss_scarlet --> Scarlet screen saver
ss_moto --> moto screen saver
Silver.tcf --> silver theme
Silver Skin Wallpaper --> self explanitory
Silver Screen Saver --> see above
Scarlet.tcf --> scarlet theme

anything and everything --> videos on the phone.

everything except Moto --> these are the skins of the phone.

everything, except one. you must leave one file. --> MMS templates

all alert files --> Basic ringtones/alerts MAKE SURE TO ERASE .db files if you erase any alerts.

So how that you got yourself some more room, lets fill 'er up!

III. Ah The Fun Time She Comes!

So, lets see, skins, ringtones, DRM, all kinds of fun stuff. This section is going to be done in Q&A; format since it's easiest for the fun stuff.

Q: How can I put custom skins on my V3i and which skins does it support?
A: Any skin that worked with the V3 will work with the V3i, Skins are installed the exact same way as on the V3 but to the directory:
/c/mobile/skins/SKIN NAME HERE/
Remember your skin is cap sensitive, if the skin files say moto, then your folder name must be "Moto" not "moto"

Q: I want custom ringtones but I dont want to pay and I dont know how to put them on my phone
A: Custom ringtones is something everyone wants. There are some basic mp3 editing programs you can get for free, and others for a small fee. I personally use Magix Ringtone Maker and I find that it's one of the best ones out there. You can use a program such as this to take any audio file on your computer and make it into an audio clip to play as a a ringtone. It's recomended that you save ringtones at a 64 Bit Rate quality to save space. with a good mp3 encoder you wont lose much quality with that.
Once your ready to put them on your phone, load up Mobile Phone Tools and go into Multimedia. then use the File Transfer Studio to transfer the ringtones from the folder on your computer to the My Music on your phone.

Q: I want to raise the volume in my phone, how do I do that?
A: through p2k tools by going into the "Volume" or "Gain Table" options. DO NOT RAISE THE V3i ABOVE 3 otherwise you will get a bad crackling sound out of the speaker.

Q: Can i have custom DRM icons like i had on my V3?
A: yes but you cant use the V3 packs with the V3i. The format of the DRM icons changed so new packs are being made for the V3i. You can make them yourself by using the guide over at the MotoX forum.

Q: Custom wallpapers, where?
A: in either two places:
or you can place them in the Pictures folder of your memory card as well.

Q: How do i erase those crazy icons i get when i have my phone on?
By seem editing using p2k man or p2ktools These are the seem edits for different icons, ect.

Weird Text message/Multi-line:
Seem 0032_0001 offset 02 bit 1: On 4: Off 

Roaming icon:
Seem 0032_0001 Offset 34 bit 3:  (1 on, 0 off)

Remove GPRS icon
Seem 0032_0001 Offset 40 bit 1 = 0
Seem 010a_0001 offset 00 bit 1 = 1

Q: After using a p2k program the phone seems to lock up and the program will not respond/load.
A: This happens sometimes, just unplug the phone from the USB and leave it be. it may take a while but the phone will return to normal and the program will just close.

Q: My cl.gif wont change? what do i do?
A: Well assuming it's the right size here is a little fix that Chineseroots figured out:
edit seem 004a-0001 offset 27 value 00
But if by some chance that dosn't work you can then do this:
Edit seem 0061-0001 and seem 0062-0001 and change cl.gif to dl.gif

Q: Will the V3i work on my network?
A: The V3i wil work on any GSM network, as in, any network that uses sim cards pretty much. In the US you have our two major carriers Cingular and T-Mobile and the V3i will work for both 100%.

Q: My ringtones/music wont play?
A: Few things here. for one the V3i can only play music with a Constant Bit Rate. Most music converters will automatically convert music to a bit rate such as that. I personally recomend the dbPower AMP. it's not free for the mp3 licence, but it's probably one of the best converters out there. Also make sure that your bit rate is 128 or LOWER. I've heard some people have luck with 192 i belive but 128 is really best for music on a device such as this. for ringtones keep them at either 128 or 64. I personally use 64 because it saves up more space.

IV. ba bit ba bit ba bit that's all folks!

Well now you should be all done modding your V3i. If you have any other questions or comments, or additions to this please feel free to post them here. and i will gladly get back to you as soon as possible.

I hope this helped all of you out somewhat! happy modding everyone! Good Luck And Good Night.

This has been a NeoK Production.
That meaning it was done at 12:30 AM with about 10 sunkists.
MotoModders, Neo-K 182, or anyone else is not to blame if you break your phone, if you break your phone, oh well, you should of read the warnings, and this guide, first. SORRY! better luck next time.
~Neo-K 182~

EDIT 1 - 3/8/06

User is Offline starbearer


My Moto can dance the Mamba!
My Moto can dance the Mamba!

03/06/2006 12:52 PM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
nice guide dude ,i hope it all is the same for motorola e398 too

nowhere culd i find a better place to modd,so landed my mobile here !

motorola e398 :--->
firmware - r373_g_oe.46r
flex - my own
memory card - 64mb

motorola v3i :--->
firmware - r47a_g_o8_d8.67r (back to my OWN!)
flex - nishant's v3i flex.
memory card - 256mb

MoToRoLa a1200 :--->
memory card - 512mb
phone memory - 7.8mb

moddin and ****in,both are safe^ lol , only if u know prevention is better than cure.. :)

i dnt challenge anyone,it's just me who's tryin to get beTTer !!!
well i have my v3i repaired,new screen,new keypad and old motherboard and new metaldome! EXPENSIVE,huh!!!
User is Offline NeoK182


If you can read this, i have too much free time
If you can read this, i have too much free time

03/06/2006 3:23 PM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
well i wouldn't guarentee that it's the same but some of the basic things should be.

User is Offline NeoK182


If you can read this, i have too much free time
If you can read this, i have too much free time

03/07/2006 8:45 AM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
so yeah how about some pinnage up in here?

User is Offline NeoK182


If you can read this, i have too much free time
If you can read this, i have too much free time

03/08/2006 11:12 AM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
First edit today, added a couple new things that i've noticed a lot of people asking about.

User is Offline yetieater



03/12/2006 4:55 AM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
Nice guide, NeoK182. The instructions that you noted down for connecting the V3i with the computer didn't work for me. I had to download Motorola PST in order to successfully access my V3i with P2KTools, P2KManager, etc.

Motorola RAZR V3i iTunes
SW: R47A_G_08.D8.A1R | LP0015
User is Offline InitialD



03/12/2006 9:46 AM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
I must say, this is a very useful guide. Thanks for putting this up.
User is Offline NeoK182


If you can read this, i have too much free time
If you can read this, i have too much free time

03/12/2006 10:49 AM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
Well it was InitalD's guide, i only made a couple adons. But i know some people get it to work with out PST but i'll ad that in. thanks for the comments guys.

and i'm very happy this is pinned and easier to see now

User is Offline yetieater



03/14/2006 6:41 AM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
One thing that I've noted - the V3i will in fact play songs that are encoded using variable bit rates. Perhaps this is only allowed through iTunes. iTunes won't allow songs with an average bitrate above 192kbps to be transferred onto the V3i through the iTunes interface. However, because a song's average bitrate is below 192kbps does not mean that it is consistently below 192kbps. I transferred one song over to my V3i and played it with iTunes. The song was detected as having a 184kbps average bitrate and began to play until about the 6 second mark, at which point iTunes automatically switched to the next song on the list. I would assume that this is due to the song's bitrate being above 192kbps at that point in the .MP3.

192kbps CBR plays back without any problems - I'm using Darude - Sandstorm at 192kbps CBR for my ringtone.
While VBR will work, it's best to encode at VBR below 192kbps. 160kbps VBR should work without any problems.

Motorola RAZR V3i iTunes
SW: R47A_G_08.D8.A1R | LP0015
User is Offline Straper



03/14/2006 9:09 AM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
Now you guys are talking!

A guide that a neophyte like myself can use!!!

Thanks to all of the contributors and a special thanks to NeoKi82 for compilling this valuable guide!

User is Offline Straper



03/14/2006 9:13 AM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
Oops I was so excited I forgot my question!!!!

I guess I should post this seperately but waht the hey....

Is there a written guide available from Motorola that describes the proper operation of the DAP? I have nothing in my owners manual, I have figured out the basic use but I am sure there is a secret function or two that can only be uncovered with proper instruction!!!!!

User is Offline NeoK182


If you can read this, i have too much free time
If you can read this, i have too much free time

03/14/2006 9:43 AM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
Nope no guide on DAP, cause it's pretty explanitory. and naw there arn't many secret functions. it's avery basic mp3 player.

@yetieater: yes VBRs will work but we dont recomend it for that exact reason. It's best to encode at 128 constant because not only does it lower the file size and guarentee it'll play, it's still excelent quality. As i've told everyone before 192 is really only worth it if your mp3 player is like 5 GB. I personally use 128 for all my songs and 64 for my ringtones. and everythings perfect for me.

glad to see were getting some posts in here. any other help anyone needs feel free to post in here.

User is Offline rondz



03/15/2006 9:49 PM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
Has anyone with the Motrola Razr V3i (Itunes) backed up there phone yet? If so, I was wondering if you can send me your MMA files so I can have the Itunes icon in my menu. I'd really appreciate it if you can send me it. Just go into your phone hit the menu button and see if you have the Itunes icon then back up your files and just send me the MMA models.

User is Offline abra420



03/18/2006 1:42 AM Alert  Return to top of page Return 

When I connect my V3i to my comp via USB cable, Windows Xp recosnises it as a USB Mass Storage Device.

There is no mention of detection of any other detection! (haedware or drivers whatever.....)
Do I need to install the Motorola phone tools that came with the package?

Please help!


User is Offline yetieater



03/18/2006 7:36 AM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
rondz, I'll get you the MMA files. These are the stock V3i iTunes files:

Motorola RAZR V3i iTunes
SW: R47A_G_08.D8.A1R | LP0015
User is Offline NeoK182


If you can read this, i have too much free time
If you can read this, i have too much free time

03/18/2006 8:39 AM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
@Abra420: well yes you do need to do that, but USB Mass Storage should be one thing that pops up. However, make sure that in your V3i the USB settings are set to Data/Fax and not Memory Card

User is Offline dave62



03/20/2006 6:53 AM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
Top guide, has really got me on the road of modding. Connection guide worked a treat as i was having problems before.

I have one question for skins>>

When i load a skin as in select it on the phone, should it automaticly replace my wallpaper and ss with what is associated with the skin? at the min i select the skin and then have to change the wallpaper and ss manualy.

I have put the wp and ss in c/mobile/pictures.
Do they need to be in a differen't place for v3i's???

Downloaded skins from this site
User is Offline abra420



03/20/2006 8:16 AM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
Dear MotoModders,

I have been experiencing a SIMILAR PROBLEM with that of "dave62" above.
1. I have to manually load the wallpapers and screensavers, EXCEPT for the skin "MMod X".
Other skins have the same problem.
2. I have downloaded the MotoVista Skin (by CuCu) and another skin WindowsXP Blue Version. The starup animations and startup sounds are nowhere visible (or audible!).
3. The skin "3dMoto" is not able to activate on my phone.

I have placed the pictures (wallpapers, screensavers, startup gif pics) for the skins in c/mobile/picture.
I have placed the startup sounds in c/mobile/audio.
I deleted the two *.db (temptone.db and another *.db file) files from the "a" drive.
Is it due to this?
Can any experienced guys please help?
Also, can you guys throw mw some light on how to activate the "Rhythm Lights"? My V3i simply shows the choice as "None". There is no Rhythm lights I can choose from.
Thanks for your time.
User is Offline NeoK182


If you can read this, i have too much free time
If you can read this, i have too much free time

03/20/2006 9:38 AM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
there arnt many fun lights out yet so as for that, check over at motox, i belive they have a few.

now to answer your questions.

1) wallpapers/screensaves. As far as i know they should go into /c/mobile/picture/ i personally dont use the ones with the skin but i would assume thats how it goes. it's possible that that skin is just searching for it in the wrong place. remember that most of these skins were made for the V3, so it's searching in A, not C. so opening up the skin in a skin editor and changing the location of the wallpaper to C should fix that.

2) startup sounds/animations are a bit tricky, they only work sometimes. try using the newest p2k tools to ad them and see if that works.

3) it's probaly for a model that the V3i OS dosn't support.

User is Offline dave62



03/20/2006 12:14 PM Alert  Return to top of page Return 
Cheers NeoK182

I Found if you launch skinner4moto --> select option --> goto skin partition --> set it to c/i398 + E1 ROKR. (this will change the location partirions to C

Then load the .ski of the skin you want to change. When it loads it changes the A PArtitions to the relavant C user partition, Save the .Ski and then put it onto the relavant skins/????? folder. put wallpapers etc in the usual c/mobile/pictures and it will find them.

But i did notice on one instance of OverallUniversAB the wallpaper in the .Ski file is set to WALL.JPG when the wallpaper file itself is OUwall.JPG so worth checking this when loading skins in to change the partrion.

Could not find any mention of Screensavers in the .Ski,
You are not authorized to post a reply.
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