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331 - 06/11/07 All Games Interactive
Posted: 6/11/2007 6:06:00 PM

It’s a Mii Play Monday as the embargo is lifted and the AGI crew can discuss The Agency. Discussion about the community reaction to the news, Scot and Redmond get hands on time with All Pro Football 2K8, Gaming News with Jessica and tons of new and old callers chime in. Don’t miss the longest Monday edition of AGI ever!

[15:29:24]  Gringo Open
[15:32:31]  Show Open
[15:32:42]  Audio ok?
[15:34:39]  Coin Op TV live
[15:34:43]  Intros
[15:38:27]  All Pro Football 2K8
[15:41:50]  Show Rundown
[15:44:15]  Go Daddy Spot
[15:46:54]  Open Line
[15:47:02]  Prank Call
[15:48:33]  King Tommy call
[15:48:45]  Prayforjoejoe call
[15:50:22]  Catching flak for The Agency
[15:56:59]  Talking about the game
[15:58:36]  on Scot Waffling
[16:01:45]  In game ads
[16:03:51]  The Agency interview begins
[16:04:12]  How long have you been working on the game
[16:04:46]  Was MMO always the concept
[16:06:10]  Making a different type of MMO
[16:07:01]  Using the Unreal 3 Engine
[16:12:54]  Art style
[16:17:04]  Pricing structure
[16:19:44]  Framerate
[16:20:46]   Release Date
[16:22:43]   PC PS3 cross platforming
[16:24:35]   Will there be a beta
[16:25:03]   Other professions?
[16:26:28]   Battle system
[16:28:19]   PS3 Friendslist and Home support
[16:29:19]   Gambling in game
[16:30:01]   Sixaxis support
[16:31:38]   Vs. Tabula Rasa
[16:33:15]   Team communication
[16:35:05]   PSP PS3 connectivity
[16:36:41]   Getting killed while leveling up
[16:40:22]   Different missions
[16:41:05]   Wrap up
[16:44:41]   Caller thoughts
[16:45:32]   Mrdabucket
[16:46:29]   Excited
[16:47:58]   Assumed Killa
[16:48:12]   Laes
[16:49:09]   wants a counter strike element
[16:50:31]   and monthly fee
[16:52:37]   Assumed Killa so so on the Agency
[16:57:40]   Immersion of the Agency
[17:00:37]   Tommyboy99
[17:00:41]   Snack
[17:02:18]   Sandy Cupcake
[17:04:24]   on the interview
[17:06:50]   Snack likes the Agency
[17:08:39]   All Games Arena
[17:10:41]   MrSocom
[17:12:39]   Gaming News
[17:13:13]   Ids New Game Engine
[17:15:15]   EA will be on the Mac
[17:16:55]   PS3 2007 Line up
[17:27:12]   Phillip from Boston
[17:44:23]   Rockstar new GTA trailer
[17:47:55]   20g in PAL territories
[17:48:25]   SCE Blog
[17:49:28]   PS3 Firmware crack
[17:51:00]   Konami insider PS3 PES better than 360
[17:51:38]   Church of England threatens to sue Sony
[17:53:15]   Nintendo

Mayor Young has to go
The final part of the show included Redmond and Scot discussing their hands onexperience with All Pro Football 2k8
Callers and Chatters ask questions
Jess has to go
 <SPOILER ALERT> Discussion aboutThe Sopranos series finale.

Scot teases what�s coming up later this week:

Scot reads the chatters


King Tommy
Assumed Killa
Sandy Cupcake
Phillip from Boston
Boricua Hermano

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Ceiling Mayor Young 
2K8 Trailer breakdown 
Gang tackling in Madden 
John Carmacks new TECHCheck out the video at the bottom!

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Scot Rubin

Scot Rubin created All Games Network in 1996 as a place for gamers to get radio programming about games. Since then, he’s interviewed more than 750 people from the gaming industry and produced over 2000 hours of programming about games. He sold AGN to webcasting pioneer in 1998 and produced 12 hours of live game talk, and the first ever live webcasts of E3.(97-99) In 2000 he was lured to Hollywood to develop the videogame channel G4. When it became clear G4 was changing its programming strategy, Scot left to go back to his roots in webcasting.

When he was a kid, his parents gave him a pong machine from Sears and that began a love affair with video games. He’d eventually play just about every system and spend most of his disposable income on games. From typing in code to play games on his TRS-80 to Intellivision, Odyssey, NES, Turbo Grafx 16 and the Genesis among others. He loved the Vectrex, Crazy Climber, Asteroids, and Zaxxon in 3D.
He loved playing Descent and Duke 3D over Kali (ipx gaming anyone?)A lifelong Patriots football fan he played Mattell handheld, Tecmo Bowl, Madden, Front Page Sports, QB Club, and of course NFL2K. Was more of a PC gamer during the PS1 days playing shooters and RTS games. Then the X-box and PC again playing Madden and Battlefield 2.
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Jessica Villarreal

Gaming News is delivered by the lovely Jessica Villarreal. Originally from Austin, Texas she is a fan of videogames, movies, dancing, and singing. She has appeared in fashion shows and currently pimps the King of Beers and Naked Juice in Southern California. Some of her all time favorite games include Final Fantasy VII, Gears of War, Resident Evil 4, and God of War. Her name in chat is Chaunteuse.

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