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Yojiro Ishizaka Personal History

1900Born in Daikancho, Hirosaki city, Aomori prefecture
1913Entered Hirosaki Middle School
1920Entered Keio University
1925Graduated Keio University and worked at Aomori Women's Junior High School
1926Moved to Akita Women's Junior High School
1927"Go to See a Sea" released in "Mita Bungaku" magazine
1929Moved to Yokote Middle School in Akita
1933"Wakai Hito" released in "Mita Bungaku" magazine
1936Won first "Mita Bungaku" prize
1937"Wakai Hito" was adapted for the screen and became a best seller
1938Quit Yokote Middle School
1939Went to Tokyo
1940Dispatched to Philippines as a military reporter
1947"Aoi Sanmyaku" was serially released in Asahi newspaper
1954Traveled to United States of America and Europe
1956"Yama to Kawa no aru machi" was serially released in Asahi newspaper
1966Won the 14th "Kan Kikuchi" prize
1967Became a member of Naoki Prize Screening Committee
1972Traveled to Hirosaki, Hakodate, and Yokote
1976Attended the ceremony of unveiling a literary monument in Yokote Park
1986Passed away on October 7th, at the age of 86

Materials: Yojiro Ishizaka Memorial Hall

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