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An Exhibit of Himalayan proportions!

The Experience

Embark on a quest across the largest continent in the world to explore diverse habitats, discover ancient cultures and traditions and search for some of the most endangered and magnificent animals in the world, culminating in discovering the Siberian (Amur) tiger in far eastern Russia.

The quest begins in Southeast Asia, travels in a northwesterly direction, then meanders back across the Himalayas northeast to the harsh Amur River valley of eastern Russia. Throughout the trek, the magic of cultures steeped in history and the interconnectedness between humans and all other life forms is revealed.

The sun bear is the first animal to encounter along the trek. Resting at first glance in the tangled nest of bisecting tree limbs, the bear yawns widely, shakes and then begins to move towards a group of visitors across a nearby horizontal branch.

The climate appears to be changing; the habitat becoming less tropical. Visitors delight in spotting the endearing red panda resting up high, in a tall stand of bamboo. Stopping in the cool shade, the observers notice the sound of a gurgling stream and the distinctive whisper and rattle of wind through the bamboo leaves.

The observers move on to the gates of a long-abandoned Asian garden and explore its secrets as iridescently feathered pheasants squabble back and forth across the shade-dappled path. Each new bird encountered is a bit more splendidly robed in brilliant color and plumage than the one that just strutted by.

Moving in a relatively northwesterly direction from the lush Chinese forests, rugged, rocky cliff outcroppings are dotted with a small group of majestic markhor, who climb with sure-footed abandon across the seemingly vertical slopes. Can that be an odd-looking domestic cat prowling along the slopes as well?  A closer look reveals the distinctive long ears and owlish eyes of a pallas cat, known in Russia as a manul.

At last, the giant Siberian (Amur) tiger is found resting in a shallow stream, mere yards from the footpath. Its sheer size is arresting. Suddenly, there is a low, rumbling thunderous roar as a second cat bounds from a large boulder into peripheral view. It takes a moment to remember to breathe again. It takes a longer moment to imagine how it would feel if the tiger were to disappear forever from the world.

There is still time to save the wondrous, diverse animals of Asia Quest.
Change is our hope for the future.


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