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Yojiro Ishizaka

1. Introduction
Yojiro Ishizaka was born in 1900 at Daikancho 82, in the city of Hirosaki, in Aomori prefecture. He entered Hirosaki Middle School in 1913 and Keio University in 1920. When he graduated from Keio University, he was employed at Hirosaki Women's High School.

2. Connection with Akita prefecture
Yojiro moved to Yokote Women's High School in Akita prefecture after he graduated from university. There, he released a novel entitled "Going to See the Sea" in Mita Bungaku, a magazine of Keio University. Later, in 1929, he moved to Yokote Junior High School, now called Yokote High School. He released his second novel entitled "Young People" in the same magazine. For this work he won the first Mita Novel Award in 1936. This novel was adapted for both screen and stage in 1937, making the novel the best selling book of the year. Thus, his first long novel gained great admiration from the literary circles of the time. His name was widely associated with fresh themes and also fresh literary styles. As a consequence, released several more novels that were welcomed by the young generation. His position as a writer became unshakable and he was admired by the people of Japan. In 1938, he left the Yokote Women's Junior High School.

3. Connection with Yokote city
Yokote has a close relationship to Yojiro's early years as a writer. In 1926, he moved to Yokote when he was 26 years old and spent the next 13 years there as a teacher. Yokote served as a setting for many of his novels and its effect on him as a human being are reflected in his writings.

4. After leaving Yokote
In 1939, Yojiro went to Tokyo and lived there during World War II. After the war, he released his story entitled "Aoi Sanmyaku," blue mountain range, in serial form. The novel soothed the hearts of many people who were tired and wounded by the war, and the name of the novel became synonymous with the concept of a "new Japan." Because the novel described expectations for a new world, his writings were welcomed by all generations. The popularity of his novels was obvious from their repeated use for many years as sources for movies and stage plays.
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