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Thailand | 26.06.2006


The Report Thailand will be the most comprehensive economic, political and business review of Thailand ever compiled. It will explain in-depth the domestic and foreign political scene, macroeconomic policy and sectoral developments, and include unique statistical forecasting.

The 200 pages of research will contain more than 100,000 words, supported by charts, graphs and key economic data that highlight trends and allow readers a unique insight into the country.

Written by team of international analysts based on over 300 public- and private-sector interviews over the course of six months, The Report Thailand will be the most extensive, independent, unbiased and accurate intelligence available.

Political Intelligence

In-depth review of political structure, personalities, and analysis of domestic and foreign policy

Macro Trends

A thorough macro review, covering inflation, growth, debt, trade, the current account and fiscal and monetary policy

Sector Analysis

Major sectors covered will include banking, capital markets, insurance, oil and gas, industry, real estate, infrastructure

Key Economic Data

On-the-ground research will allow for an array of accurate economic data

Unique Forecasting

Analytical and statistical presentation on the next three years


Decision-makers and political leaders offer a unique insight

Legal & Accounting Guide

A 30-page guide review to help firms navigate the business environment


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Macroeconomics Energy Agriculture
Banking Real Estate Media
Capital Markets Infrastructure Advertising
Industry IT Accountancy
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