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Summer Seminar Students at Antietam-
Each Summer the department of History hosts The West Point Summer Seminar In Military History at the United States Military Academy. The program's mission is to advance the field of academic military history by educating and training educators in the field of Western military history. Participants are graduate students in the field of history who wish to enhance their ability to study and teach military history.


Officers With PhDs Advising War Effort

Washington Post - February 5, 2007
By Thomas E. Ricks

...The two most influential members of the brain trust are likely to be Col. Peter R. Mansoor and Col. H.R. McMaster, whose influence already outstrips their rank. Both men served on a secret panel convened last fall by Gen. Peter Pace, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to review Iraq strategy...   FULL STORY


Legitimacy Was Step One

Washington Post - February 11, 2007
By Gian P. Gentile - Academy Professor - Dept of History
I learned as a tactical battalion commander in Baghdad's Amiriyah district last year that government legitimacy was exponentially more important than the number of coalition and Iraqi army forces patrolling the streets, the number of coalition advisers with Iraqi army and police units, or money spent improving services... FULL STORY