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Todd Friel is the principal host of "The Way of the Master Radio", a two-hour daily Christian talk show with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron as frequent co-hosts. The program is available live on Sirius Satellite Radio, terrestrial radio stations, streaming Internet radio, and podcasts. Other Christian teachers that have influenced him include Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, John MacArthur, and John Piper.

Originally from the St. Paul, Minnesota area, Friel went to college[citation needed] and got a degree in theology. However, instead of entering into Christian ministry, he became a stand up comic for six years, performing alongside with Jay Leno, Louie Anderson, and Ellen DeGeneres. In retrospect, he believes that at this time he was in fact not a Christian at all, based upon his lifestyle, though he did later become "truly converted".[1]

He began his career in talk radio while substituting for T.D. Mischke in the Twin Cities area on AM 1500 (KSTP). Intrigued, he moved into the profession full-time. Friel initially hosted a talk show on Northwestern College Radio's local AM station (KTIS, 900 AM) called "Talk the Walk."[citation needed] After a couple of years, the show was cancelled, and Todd moved his show over to AM 980 KKMS in the Twin Cities, where the show grew in immense popularity. One of the reasons for this, as well as a reason he is often criticized, is that he rarely refuses to talk about controversial issues in Christianity (except perhaps predestination).[citation needed] In late 2005, he planned the move to a national spotlight, transforming "Talk the Walk" into "The Way of the Master Radio" on January 2, 2006, with a heavier emphasis on evangelism and with Comfort and Cameron as regular co-hosts. Making fun of his own height, the radio show frequently introduces him as "..Todd 'Freakishly Tall' Friel."

Todd has also published YouTube videos combating the Nooma series produced by Rob Bell of Mars Hill Church (Grand Rapids, MI). Specifically targeting the Nooma video "Bullhorn", Friel is depicted sitting near a bus stop, refuting the ideas of Bullhorn as unbiblical. Todd Friel recently released a DVD titled "Herman Who?".

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