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Rock On

The saga of the Coral Rock House continues as the latest deal is hammered out at the

Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board. As the owner must decide to preserve or replicate it, neighboring property owners want preservation efforts to commence forthwith.


Hard Riders

One biker dies on his way to see a fellow rider at the hospital while another vows to ride again — but a little more carefully this time.




Bay Harbor Islands

The town’s leaders don’t see much problem with bringing some commercial components to a residential neighborhood. Opponents, though, think the Monarch has no clothes.


Miami Beach

A lawyer challenges another for a commission seat while the SEIU confronts Fisher Island about its property tax cutting methods.



The City of Excellence thinks building office buildings and commercial projects near Hallandale is a great idea, but a couple of officials are not too sure about variances needed to put plans In Motion.




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The Fungus Among Us

A Physician Is Hauling Her Condo Board Into Court. Her Grounds: It’s Their Fault She’s Being Poisoned

By Angie Hargot

In late 2005 a couple of hurricanes terrorized South Florida homeowners, not just during the storm, but after. Blue tarps peppered the roofs of single-family homes throughout the state. And many condo dwellers, previously safe from flood threat due to sheer height, also suffered the effects of water intrusion. After Wilma took out some windows — a seemingly benign repair contrasted against the backdrop of much worse possible damage — some condo residents faced a new flurry of issues. Although the winds died down outside, a political storm was kicking up indoors.

At an octagon-shaped high-rise, one resident, who happens to be a medical doctor, complains that water seeping into the walls from damaged windows on higher floors is compromising the health and safety of her apartment. To make her point, she’s suing her condo board.

“It was very unsafe to not have windows, as you can imagine,” says Clara Rodriguez-Iznaga. Now, “It’s not the glass, it’s the window frame that’s the problem.”

Rodriguez-Iznaga lives in Octagon Towers at 1881 Washington Ave., in Miami Beach, a 100-plus-unit condo conversion with apartments selling in the range of $200,000 to $300,000. The 16-story building, built in 1966, lost some windows during Wilma. Octagon residents patched the gaping holes with plywood, but that quick-fix and the resulting repairs were not enough to keep out the water. The building needed new windows.

“Ever since then there’s been persistent water intrusion,” she says.

The assessment for the repairs, she was told, would be around $2.5 million, or $25,000 per unit.

“A few people can’t afford the assessment,” she says, and that leaves some residents high, but hardly dry.



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Yummy Ola Pork



A slot machine referendum will likely be returning to a Miami-Dade County ballot really soon. Will it pass this time? Not if gambling interests make all manner of promises, again.



The authorities help foil a naked bike-riding plot on South Beach. Witness disappointment from potential nude bicyclists, help solve the mystery of the Anonymous Wiki and read a theory that the SunPost is affiliated with the CIA.


The 411

A South Beach condo resident protests the fall of Paris and hardly gets noticed, but plenty of fanfare surrounds the Soprano family at Hollywood’s Seminole Casino.



Rebecca Wakefield initiates her campaign to draft Victor Igwe as mayor of Miami.



With book sales crashing, what’s a halfway decent novelist to do? Answer: Embrace the celluloid.



A few years from now, when someone asks where all those towers on Watson Island came from, tell them they came from Shangri-La!




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