It's Day 14 and the housemates have risen to their most unpleasant task yet. Charley read out the instructions to a chorus of disapproval when it was revealed that the housemates must squeeze into a giant sardine tin.

A giant sardine tin full of fish bits and fish juice, that is. Yuk.

Ten or more or the housemates must stay in the tin in order to pass the task and win a luxury shopping budget. But Big Brother has not told the housemates how long they are expected to endure the fishy challenge. If they bail out before the magic hour, they will fail the task and it's basic rations only.

"Let's beat them at their own game," Charley concluded.

"We are going to do this," ordered Nicky.

"If somebody leaves I'm going to be absolutely tumping," declared Laura. 'Tumping', presumably, is not a good thing.

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Charley then informed the others that two housemates will be allowed to leave the tin early... but which two will quit first?

Carole is vegetarian, Chanelle hates fish and Gerry declared, "This is the worst thing they could have done."

It's one thing to be big fish in a small pond in the Big Brother House... but a big fish in a giant sardine can?