It's time for some serious man-talk as the housemates take on today's Task.

The housemates entered the living area to discover that Big Brother had left a pile of pork pies sitting on the coffee table accompanied by frothing tankards of beer. A dartboard had also appeared on the wall.

Seány read out the rules of the game, explaining that written on the bottom of each pork pie was a topic of conversation intended to spur some testosterone-fuelled talk. All housemates must join in the conversation and contribute their manly opinions.

When every topic has been discussed, housemates must nominate one person as the manliest. That person must then put up a set of shelves in the Diary Room... without instructions.

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"Housemates must not eat the pork pies," Seány concluded to groans.

Will model metrosexual Ziggy, brawny Seány or rule-breakin' Gerry win? Or can the girls give as good as they get? Stay tuned to find out.