Carole was asked to cement her status as the butchest housemate today, when she was called to the Diary Room and told to perform another Task.

"Hello Carole," Big Brother greeted her. "So you're the most manly housemate?"

"Well, it appears so!" Carole replied, letting out a giant wheezy laugh.

"Carole, Big Brother has a Task for you, specially designed to test your manpower," Big Brother explained. "To your left is a wall and on the chair are some brackets, a shelf and some tools. If you can put the shelf up in under seven minutes, you will win a prize for the House."

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"Right," Carole mused, picking up the objects and looking slightly confused. "This is stuck, is it?"

"Carole, your time starts now," Big Brother finished.

"I'm useless at putting shelves up," the 53-year-old muttered. "Let's have a go at this."

She began to put up the shelf, punctuating her attempt with frustrated cries of "argh!" while hammering frantically.

"This is mad, I have a thingy here," she sighed incoherently. "I forgot about that, I'm left-handed, stupid cow that I am."

"There are five minutes remaining," Big Brother warned.

"This is almost impossible," the social worker moaned, as she failed to erect the shelf. "I'm so cack-handed at DIY... useless."

"The seven minutes are now up," Big Brother stated sternly. "You have failed the Task. Carole, you are not a man."

"Oh drat. I thought I was," Carole laughed. "Thank goodness for that. I got a bit worried then."

Guess she'd better shelve any plans to become a builder...