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Generate makefile dependencies for C/C++ code

Mkdepend is a command-line Tcl script that generates makefile dependency information for C/C++ source code. As such, it is very similar to the Unix makedepend program. However, since I couldn't find a version of makedepend for Windows, I wrote my own with features that I needed.

By default, Mkdepend works uses Microsoft's C preprocessor and generates dependency information that is compatible with Microsoft's NMAKE tool. However, the preprocessor command and preprocessor options can be changed via the command-line parameters. NMAKE syntax is the same as every other make tool I have seen, so there should be no problem using Mkdepend with other versions of make.

To get help on the possible options, run the mkdepend script with the --help parameter, thus:

tclsh80 mkdepend.tsh --help

Mkdepend can be downloaded as a gzipped tar file or a Zip file.